Best gourmet and fine dining restaurant in South Africa?

In your opinion, what is the best gourmet and fine dining restaurant in South Africa? What made you decide to choose them as your favorite and therefore the best? What was the best dish you have eaten in that restaurant?


Country: South Africa


Hi there,

I would say the best restaurant is Moyo at Spier hotel in Stellenbosch. They offer authentic African dining and the atmosphere and vibe of the restaurant is unbelievable.

Another good restaurant is Tribes. The best meal is the Ostrich medallions. Also an African restaurant in Ceasars Casino - close to Johannesburg airport. Also fantastic service, good value for money and awesome food.
will find an answer for your question
Brutal truth is that one of the previous recommended restaurant's chain gave me and a dozen more friends a good evening, and a bad night being very poorly. One lady was on a drip. So go to a good well-managed restaurant with personal supervision by the owner. Joops in Durban is superb. Every single steak is chosen and prepared by the owner.
A similar restaurant run by a whole family of Greek extract is Delphi in Durban.
Again in Durban, if you want to try the African cuisine, then "The Colony" is excellent.
hi there Veronica
i guess it depends on your taste-of cuisine
Moyo is quite popular wt the tourists and SA's alike -african themes and decor add to the eating experience
if you are into the hi end french cuisine then there are several restaurnts in JNB for that like Tivoli .
my personal favorite is Piatto Mediterranean kitchen and Primi Piati-for their pasta's
most major cities have them
Spur is a SA favourite -bt its more "Ranch" cowboy themed stekhouses-if that catches ur fancy -bt the foods good
again "good" falls on your taste and your choice of foods.
Seafoods-well me personally i kinda am biased towards Jimmy's killer prawns outlets-their original grilled prawns are "DE-LI-CIOUS"
if you are into the whole "american diner' setting -we have several WIPMY / Mcdonalds outlets. Wimpy seems to be the primary SA preferance tho-very popular wt the breakfasts which is quick and yumm yumms.
if u in CPT then maybe you will get over and above this more high end "experimental " restaurants.
CT is a lot more "London-ish" so they cater accordingly.
in Addition you can dine in any of the 5 star restaurants there in any of the many 5 star hotels overlooking the Waterfront,
the Spier wine farm is very popular wt locals and tourists alike, then there is the Vineyard Htl in CPT -not central bout 10mins fm the city. beautiful hotel wt panoramic views

pls check out the below site -i use it a lot in my day to day consulting in the travel agency

good luk an wish u a gastronomic fest!!
enjoy SA
In my opinion the Rustic in George and the Catfish Cabin in Knysna is one of the best in the Garden Route.
Althought Rustic is bit expensive they offer excellent food and service.
Catfish Cabin is without a doubt the best family restuarant around !!!!!
I speak only from a Cape Town and Cape Winelands point of view and as “mystery guest" visitor to a multitude of restaurants, I must draw reference to the subjectivity of judging a restaurant fairly. One simply cannot help letting one’s personal preferences come to the fore.
“Overture” in the winelands is simply sublime. Here is a chef who TRULY changes his menu every day and he does not let conformity or fashion dictate his menu. He has somewhat of a “@$@$#$” you kind of attitude to the culinary world and his imaginative dishes show this extremely well. The location is fantastic for day-time dining as it is high up in the mountains with fabulous views. His Chocolate fondant is on of the best I have ever eaten, but you might not get it on his menu again as it changes all the time.
In the city, La Colombe takes a lot of aspiring to and so the world listings indicate as well. This is a Provencale masterpiece at its best. Yes it is a bit pricy, but as in life, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a Wimpy or Moyo at Spier type of experience then you should avoid La Colombe like the plague. Put aside at least 1.5 hours for a fine dining experience and do try the fillet medallions with celeriac mash and shiraz gravy. Don’t overeat on the bread because it is easy to do.
For great authentic Mediterranean fair, try “The Harlequin” in Parow. The tripe in tomato broth is probably the best you are going to get this side of the equator.

Hello Veronica.
Your best bet would be to enter your criteria on some of our fine dining web sites. is a good start. is also good.
I do trips and tours in and around Cape Town.
According to my clients (which include Sir John Tovey - chef laureate 1986), here are some of their favourite gourmet restaurants ...
Bosman's at Grande Roche Hotel, Paarl
La Petite Ferme, Franschhoek
Reuben's, Franschhoek
La Quartier Francais, Franschhoek
La Colombe, Constantia Uitsig estate, Cape Town
Constantia Uitsig Hotel, Cape Town
Tokara, Hels Hoogte Pass, near Stellenbosch
Cape Colony, Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town
Aubergine, Gardens, Cape Town
Lanzerac Hotel, Stellenbosch
Ginja's, CBD, Cape Town
Bukhara's (Indian cuisine), Cape Town
Mama Roma (JT's favourites - for "baby beef"), Steenberg and Newlands
Barrister's Grill, Newlands, Cape Town
and many more ...
My favourite restaurants (NOT gourmet, but good value for money) include ...
Hussar Grill, Camps Bay
Chef Pons Asian Kitchen, Gardens, Cape Town
Yindee's, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town
Brass Bell ("common" area, overlooking False Bay), Kalk Bay
I'd avoid places like Moyo if you're looking for gourmet. They've certainly got the variety and quantity (it's a help-yourself buffet), as well as the Bedouin-cum-African atmosphere and a bit of indiginous entertainment (drums, dancing, etc), but if you don't mind diced fruit that won't fit in your mouth or overdone, tough meat which is hard to tell the difference between venison or beef, that's fine - eat as much as you can, but don't call it gourmet.
Nevetheless, Moyo is very popular as office and factory worker treats, and with bulk processing tour operators.
In your position, I'd start with the two sites I've listed.
You can also just Google SA gourmet restaurants.
That should get you started ...
Bon appetit!
Hello Veronika,
I personally like "The Couchman's Inn in Bryanstone/Peter Place. French cuisine restaurant owner supervised always with the same quality of food and very affordable.
This is a huge question because South Africa is a big country and I have no idea about restaurants in Durban and JHB. I only know that the Cape Winelands has the reputation of being the eating and drinking capital of RSA. I love Haute Cabriere because of its unusual atmosphere,inside a cave in the mountain, a beautiful view and the fact I can have half portions and the food has always been wonderful. Have enjoyed dinners at Quartier Francais and Reubens in Franschhoek and also Tokara, outside Stellenbosch. Petite Ferme and Mont Rochelle are also great for gourmet lunches.I have also enjoyed a magnificent lamb curry at the Goatshed at Fairview and a beautiful spit roast lamb with mint sauce at the restaurant on the Backsberg Estate.Mmm Lekker!
There are really lots of wonderful restaurants in Cape Town. Constantia Uitsig, La Colombe and Food Barn in Noordhoek among many others. In fact we are spoilt for choice.
Curries and Indian food. Bhukara in Cape Town. But where ever I eat, somehow my favourite is to eat fish at the Ocean Basket. The cheapest, tastiest and freshest fish. Kloof Street, Waterfront and Sea Point Branches. I have up to now not been disappointed.
I think its a very hard question to answer but all the other posts seem to have covered it. If you would like to book a restaurant in SA you can do so through our site we offer Live restaurant bookings

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