What are the travel documents I need to get to visit and tour Peru?


Country: Peru


All you need is love, a valid visa your passport and a pocket full of money!!!
USA dont't need visa. Just your passport and money
Americna Citizen don't need Visa
hi there, u don't need a visa to come to peru, so u have to bring ur passport or id if u want to buy some things here... or if u go to the bank if u want to do some papers... but then, visa is not need it
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it may be good to think about a travel insurance which cover rapatriation costs...
You need a passport valid for 6 months after your date of entry. You will be given a stamp for 90 days (three months). Enjoy.
Don´t forget your inoculation against yellow fever, obligatory in most countries, mainly to return to the US. It is also wise to foresee the same for hepatitis and rabies.
US citizens only need passport to come Perú, a visa for 30 days is granted at the airport. This is only for tourism.
well, mr James s.
If you are American citicen you dont need to get a visa to Peru, only your passport, time, money, smile, spanish language, and ready for good time and of course lof of pasion for travel.
But if you are thinking to travel to the jungle is better to bring some papers as vacinations, maybe driven licence, and copies of all those papers.. especialy of your passport.

and then just come to my lovely country and enjoy it..
but you must to visit Cusco, is the best one in Peru..


Ruth Mendez Soto.

Cusco- Peru.
like a tourist only your passport, don`t need visa.
Hi James,
You didn't mention your nationality, but for many countries a passport valid for 6 months is all you require to enter Peru for tourism purposes only.
If you need any help with your vacation, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help:
Buen Viaje!
Good night Mr. James, Well the first thing that you should have done is mention your nacionality because from that way we'd know how important is for you to get a visa for coming here or not.
But I'd tell you that in most of cases, you don't need to get a visa for coming to my lovely country so If you are an american citizen, you just need your passport, your Id. (just in case you want to go to certain kind of places and you need to buy or pay with credit cards, they are gonna ask you for some Identification cards or smthg like that). Well as you could see most of people here gave you the same suggestion so you don't need to bring too much documents here. Just come here, enjoy your staying here and recomment my country to your friends and relatives ;)
Hope you a have nice day. Take care and hope to hear from you.
Hello there James!!!
You need cceptable Travel Documents for American & Canadian Citizens
· Valid Passport - All passports must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the conclusion of your trip
· American Passport / Canadian Passport does NOT require a visa
Other Nationalities
· Valid Passport - All passports must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the conclusion of your trip
· Travelers of other nationalities must check with authorities of all destinations on the itinerary if a visa is required - INCLUDING
flight entry points prior to final destination (example via United States, via Canada etc.)
· Bring all necessary documents in order to re-enter Canada / USA
⇒ All visitors to Peru must obtain a Tourist Card which will be issued at point of entry and must be returned to authorities upon
⇒ A student ID card (school issued or through ) should be brought for public transportation and museum entrances
Make THREE (3) photocopies of your travel documents:
- One to be sent to Prometour in order to issue the plane ticket
- One for your Group Leader as proof that you possess the necessary traveling documents
- One that you will leave at home in case your travel document get lost or stolen
Entry Requirement for minors (under 18 years old)
Minors traveling with both parents or legal guardians
· Require a valid passport & any applicable visas
Minors traveling with only one parent / legal guardian
· In addition to a valid passport & any applicable visas, they must have an original notarized letter of consent from the other
parent/legal guardian
Minors traveling unaccompanied or with anyone other than their parents or legal guardians
· In addition to a valid passport & any applicable visas, both parents / legal guardians (or the sole, documented custodial parent /
guardian) must provide a notarized letter of consent for the minor child to travel to in someone else’s care
· Airlines will also require the name, address and phone of the person meeting any unaccompanied minors upon arrival
In the case of deceased or divorced parents / legal guardians
· The notarized letter of consent must be accompanied by a copy of the legal custody document or death certificate
· This proof (death certificate, proof of sole custody etc.) can also be shown to a notary who can then notarize an Affidavit of
Sole Custody
⇒ A Parental/Legal Guardian Travel Consent Form is available on the Prométour web site
Airport Departure Tax
While in destination, each time that you depart from an airport you will be expected to pay a departure tax. This tax is to be paid
on site at the airport after check-in but prior to the security check. Payment must be in cash either in USD or in local currency
(Nuevos Soles). Credit Card is not an acceptable form of payment.
· National Flights: $8 USD - $12 USD* (depending on the airport)
· International Flights: $32 USD*
* Estimated based on the exchange rate of the Sol to USD
Hi James

Please let us know where are you from , if you are from USA you just need a valid passport.

enjoy Peru !

Jose Antonio

email us for more info. to or check our website for some suggestions
I'm agree with Jean
passport, medical insurance, credit cards, that's it
You need your passport of course and your passport has to be valid for 6 months after your date of entry.
You're American so you don't need visa.
Just in case get a medical insurance and well money, time and a lot of energy to have a great time :)
You do not need a visa, just your passport or a
safe-conduct.However, If you want to spend more than 90 days in Peru, you should renew your permission.
You just need a valid passport, your driving license in case you plan to rent a car (but I dont recomend it, traffic is crazy in Lima)and a valid visa, if needed. Travel checks are hard to change, credit cards or cash is accepted everywhere.

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