Sailing in Jamaica?

Hi,planing to go to Jamaica to spend my holidays. Which place would be best for sailing in Jamaica on a catamaran?


Country: Jamaica


We prefer the laid back relaxed lifestyle of the West End Negril Jamaica where the sunset catamaran cruise is a popular afternoon activity. Check out for one of the most popular and respected catamaran operators.
That depends on whether you are considering a one day/couple hours trip, or if you are more interested in renting catamaran and travelling from point A to B.

Most popular tourist destinations such Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril offer catamaran "cruises" which are more fun filled for your entertainment including drink, music and some food. Some, like the one in Ocho Rios will end at the fmaous Dunn's River Falls from where you can begin your journey up the cascading river. Some more individually owned owners will take you out on their catamaran for a small fee, and may let you take it for a spin yourself.

Most all-inclusive resorts include catamaran or Hobby Kat (like mini-catamarans) in their Water Sports department and can be rented out by yourself providing you can prove that you're able to handle the vessel.

Agreeing with Moya, Negril is the best place to sail a catamaran as the seas are nearly always flat and the weather almost always excellent (save for the common afternoon showers). It also provides a pituresque view of the island and plenty of swimming stops if you should desire.

But mostly, if you stick to the tourist towns of Negril and Ocho Rios you will find a catamaran willing to go for a ride.

Good day here are some Catamaran services in Montego Bay & Ocho Rios, (please copy & paste) ,

Catamaran service for Port Antonio,

Catamaran service in Negril,

I hope this information will assist you on the catamaran service you can get around the island, do enjoy your holiday.

Negril of course, there a a couple of catamaran rental places here.
the best place is in Negril you will have the time of your life
A couple of cats operate out of Montego Bay doing day cruises and sunset cruises
I've travelled the length of the northcoast from st marys to mo bay and around the west coast. If you want laid back calm with a sunset to die for then I suggest you try negril. I can not comment about the east or south coast other than I have been told they are more choppy, when I am considering sites to scuba dive. So it depends on 'what floats your boat', excuse the pun... You can go to dunns river falls by catamaran, climb the falls go snorkling and then party on the way back with as much rum or beer as you care to drink. If you dont pre book, either through a website or at your accomodation then arrange it with someone who works on the beach near to where you are staying, the prices tend to vary...
the north coast is great for sailing
Greg Lee in Montego Bay based at Cornwall Beach has 2 catamarans and PJ Gibson in Ocho Rios has one
ocho rios
The best place of all types of watersport in Jamaica is Negril. Negril is a very laid back town which has been developed to accommodate vistors to the shores. Many different type of watersports activities are available there. The second place will be Ocho Rios. In Ocho Rios, you will have more than just watersports. So for diversity, I'd say Ocho Rios is the place to be.
Tours on catamaran are available in both Negril and Ocho Rios.
Let me know what other interests you may wish to experience during your vacation at and I will be able to give you more information before making your destination choice.
I will say Portland because there is a marina; Negril, Montego Bay. Happy sailing!
Climb aboard our Montego Bay Catamaran Excursion and set sail for fun and adventure. This world class catamaran is operated by an amazing crew of friendly and talented staff who will ensure your comfort and enjoyment from the moment you step on the boat.
Sailing in Jamaica is fun. Stay in one of these resort town and you are sure to get plenty sailing done, Negril, Montego Bay or Ocho Rios. You can do a private charter or be a part of a group. Let me know when and where you planning on visiting our shores and I will recommend specific information to suite your need at
The best place for sailing in Jamaica is one of these resort town, Ocho Rios, Negril and Montego Bay. You can become a part of a group or you can do a private charter. Let me know when and where you plan to travel. I will be better to make recommendations. Email me at
Which holidays? Do you mean Christmas and or New Years? Winter sailling in Jamaica may be a different scene to be honest with you.

The North Coast gets a strong wind from the Caribbean currents and you will find the waters there more rough and the waters not as calm. Sailing can be anice but you may need a bigger boat to suck up the waves.

The South Coast of the island gets less wind and the sailing is more relaxed and you find more cruising of pleasure craft. Sailing on the north coast may be power boating for better control and not the same as sailing.
Fun in the sun at any location.
Ocho Rios is also a great place, you can do a sunset evening cruise or a dunns river falls tour

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