Can anyone recommend a good trek operator/guide for the Lares trek including Machu Picchu? I've seen loads of operators, prices range...

...from $200 to $1500! Why the difference?


Country: Peru


There are probably a number of reasons why different operators charge different amounts. One of them is that unlike the classical Inca Trail, there are several different offerings: Lares-Patacancha-MP, Quishuarani-Patacancha-MP, Quishuarani-Patacancha-MP, Huaran-Lares-MP. I've done the last one and it's pretty intense. The duration of those treks vary from 4 to 6 days and difficulty levels from easy to moderately difficult.
You should get in touch directly with Roger Valencia at Auqui MS or else with Alfredo Ferreyros at Explorandes . Expect to pay around $550 per person for a 5-day + 1 trek. Good luck.
hello this is mayra, do you know why there is a diferent between prices? cause of speach, is totally diferent if you get a translator for 200 than a translator for 1200, well if you want a good one, is beter to pay a little be more than 500, this is my advice, i will like to help you but now i'm working so, i hope you gonna enjoy my country, good luck.
The difference between those prices are the kind of service they provide, also the companies which offer very cheap prices is because they probably pay very little to porters and other service providers, this is a big issue that travellers don't see when deciding taking a trip. A good company you may look to is Apumayo expediciones, this company is specialized in Adventure travel and provides its services to many operators in Peru, check . Their prices are very competitive too.

There are many agencies but few operators, if you want real prices you have to get them from the operators then your not paying just the agencies their cut.
If you tell me exactly which Trek you are interested in I can give you the operator price.
I agree with some comments posted. I would recommend you Lima Tours, Farr tours, Condor travel or Explorandes .
Prices may vary depending of the quality of the service offered, and what things are included on the package. You will find that from may june july prices are higher , it is because tourism affluence increases by that months
Take care and good luck
If you have any futher question do not hesistate in contacting me
Hello there!!
I´ve done the 4 days and 3 nights with this tour operator and I do rec thisone was great and I have paid 550 and by far it was worth!!
check this out......
Have a good one......!
enjoy Peru!!
If you appreciate quality, you will realize the difference of tour leaders, food, matrass, tents, security of the food, transportation etc

There are good guys, simple but experts
They say I am a good tour operator. I just do things fine the right way.
This is my offer:
5days / 4 nights
• Professional tour guide
• Transfer Cusco/Lares
• Tourist class return train
• Camping equipment(sleeping pads, slleping tents, cook tent, dining tent
• Cook
• Horses and mules to carry the equipment
• muleteer
• Machupicchu entrance ticket
• Full meals (full board)
• 1 night accommodation in a Hotel at Ollantaytambo.

• First breakfast
• Last lunch
• Sleeping bag

PRICE: U$ 490.00
This is a fair price for a good service.

Do you like it?
Contact me:

phone: (51)(1) 433 7981
Sorry - cant help you on this one - but in case you are comming by Lima and are interested in scuba diving, whale watching, dolphin watching or birding I would recoment to contact Nature Expeditions

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