When would be the best time to travel to South Africa?

I plan to go there in the next year or so. Around which time of the year do you suggest I go? Please give me your reasons for your recommendation. Thanks!


Country: South Africa


Hello Lincoln,

it very much depends what would you like to do when in SA. In general the seasons are opposite to North America and Europe, so if you are coming form there a x-mas in Dec on the beach might be attractive. If you are interested in wild life viewing the winter/dry season/less foliage is better for the purpose...
Hope this is helpful for you.
Best regards and enjoy :)
It really does depend on what you like, however unlike places like europe where many attractions are weather & season dependant, south africa operates pretty much the same 365 days a year!
It really does depend on what you like, however unlike places like europe where many attractions are weather & season dependant, south africa operates pretty much the same 365 days a year!
Hi Lincoln
Well visiting South africa is mainly what do you want to do As you can basically visit any time of year, all over but, each region has its best seasons
For Safari and game viewing spring is the best Aug -oct. Its still very dry , little water around , animals have to move around a lot and this is good sightings.
if you want to do Capetown, summer Nov to march is great , great wheather and scenery .water is always to damm cold.....
If you want beach holiday the kwazulu natal coast is great all summer long
So you have to decide what you want to do and then choose
Oh Johannesburg is great all year round and the best city in SA
Thats where I Guide
come and see the best in africa

Howzit Lincoln,
First things first; South Africa's seasons are opposite to those of the northern hemispheres, this said, our winter is your summer etc.
The most popular tourist destinations in South Africa are:
1. Cape Town = best in our summer (December - February) for beautiful clear skies and calm, balmy beach days, as well as for visits to the wine farms and to go up Table mountain,
2. Johannesburg and Soweto - all the various museums = all year round, but fairly chilly in winter late afternoons and early mornings during the winter,(Sun City also falls in this category)
3. Kruger National Park and Blyde River Canyon = our winter (May - August). This is the dry season here which forces animals to move towards water i.e: waterholes and rivers where you can easily spot them. More so than in our summer as summer is rainy season here which means everything is lush and green and overgrown thus offering animals plenty of hiding place. Should you also want to visit other southern African countries you can also visit the Kingdom of Swaziland as well as Mozambique from this area, both excellent during the winter months. Swaziland for the same reasons as described at the Kruger Park and Mozambique as the weather is still balmy and warm thus insuring you that your chanses of having a wet,miserable bad weather day is very unlikely.

Lastly, visit my website at where I've included a Q & A page as well as refferances from previous guests. You can also check out some of the photos taken while on tour at .
If you are on Facebook I'm available there under the group @ Large Tours & Safaris, where the Facebook users have asked questions about food & drink, the law, etc, etc, so do drop in there as well.

Hope this help, warmest bush regards,

Jacques S Gerber
I Can only speak for Cape Town and the Garden route.

I suggest Spriong - Aug, Sept and Oct.
The whales are in town on the South Coast
The wild flowers are open on the west coast
The vines are starting bud burst and leaf developement in the winelands
The hotels are "reasonably" full
There is a wonderful smell in the air and Capetonians are normally even more relaxed than normal
Enjoy SA
Dear Lincoln - it really depends upon what you are looking to do when here in South Africa. If you are interested in Game Viewing in one of the many excellent game parks, the winter months are the best time to do this, however, if you are looking for outdoor beach and sunny skies, then our summer months are obviously the best times - if you get back to me with exactly what you are looking for, I can respond more directly. Thanks for your enquiry.
Hi there Lincoln

SA seasons are the reverse of USA and Europe
Their winter is our Summer and vice versa
our SA Summers can get nice and hot and the true african sun shines where you can get teh opportunity to do lots of outdoor activiies like take on the beaches along the coast and also hike / trek if that interests u. in summer the bush is thick and well game viewing is not as great as in winter when there is less bush and leaves around.
SA Summer packing is light and basically you would need a good pair of sneakers for walking and also a shorts and t shirt would suffice.
winter is a bit cooler i guess not as bad as Europe / USA where it snows but some parts of SA get bitterly cold and you would have to pack on some good gear, esp if it snows in the mountain areas
Spring is basically Sep to early Nov and is very pleasant with summer on the horizon. some warm days and can get some cool nights--perfect if you dont like extremes of weather
Summer Nov to March ish - hot and well perfect for the beach and extensive outdoor activities
autumn fm late March to May-still a tad warm wt some cool nights starting to creep in
then winter fm end May to August-
obviously the weather is never fixed and can drastically change -bt generally thats what we experience
hope this helps you my friend

keep well and visit SA soon
Bruce fm Gauteng
I love September, because on the southern coastline, the whales arrive than. Also most of the animals have their babies in September. But June July is also amazing. Weather good and yes it is winter but not cold as in UK or Europe.
Hi, it depends on whether you enjoy hot or cold weather. Our great summer months are Nov - Feb when you can enjoy the beaches. If you want to go on safari, then the cooler months - Apr - Aug would be great.
We are a year-round destination as all the reasons above will bear out. The other considerations are:
1. Budget. Prices in South Africa - especially Cape Town - tend to climb during our peak season (Xmas-New Year)and tail off towards our winter.
2. Specialist activities. This is largely dependent on your particular reason for the holiday.
3. Crowds. Our major centres are usually crowded during our school holidays, though as a rule of thumb Cape Town is the busiest during our summer holidays (December - January).
4. Area. Cape Town best in February due to great weather and lower prices after Xmas-New Year. Durban best in June or July due to warm winters as it has a tropical climate. Johannesburg good all year as a transit to either Durban or Cape Town/Garden route.

There are many more reasons too lengthy in this forum.
Our climate varies from region to region. Winter May to September is the best time to visit the game reserves. The Cape with its Mediterranean climate gets most of its rain then , but we still have lovely, sunny winter days. In September there are whales around our coast and also the wild flowers start from August. If it is hot beach weather that you are after then summer Dec to March. Durban is tropical and is all year round but a little hot in summer. I usually think that spring and autumn are very good times to visit RSA
Hi Lincoln,
If I was travelling SA I would travel in Spring or Autumn.SA can be very warm in Summer and it can rain in the Western Cape in Winter.These two seasons tend to be less windy in the coastal areas as well.
It depends on a lot of things, Firstly what you like, if you a winter or summer person then choose the season accordingly and then what you intend doing if wanting to do whale watching then on september if wanting to surf in summer and so on. As South Africa is such a beautiful place in wahtever season and it has activities available to suit these seasons u will never get bored. hope it helps

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