Best bus service from Klerksdrop, North West of South Africa to Lusaka in Zambia?

What bus service do you recommend I use? I will be leaving sometime mid-September.


Country: South Africa


The TAZARA (Tanzania-Zambia Railway) operates scheduled services twice a week.
Hi there... do you mean departing from Klerksdorp specifically or somewhere more central such as Johannesburg. There are a number of options available using local transport and I will get back to you as soon as possible..
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It might be difficult if not impossible to go direct and much easier to go Via a major city if you prefare a nice bus rather than a chicken bus or even several buses.

I suggest a company called intercape as i think they still run a route.
You can also get on to the Bazz Bus , get information at a only backpackers. Freda Brink @ 073 4552 193
Enjoy hope this help

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