Can you tell me the best months to visit Chile?

Can I go hiking, scuba diving and kayaking there? Hows the water in spring, summer, fall and winter? Whats the temperature?


Country: Chile


Our season starts at the end of october until the end of march. Because of the Humbolt strom, the water is normaly cold, in summer, February, it it approx. 18°C. Maybe a aventura travel agency like can help you more.
Well, I think the best months are from December to March, because it is summer here. (I'm learning english so i can make many mistakes but I'm trying to help you)
I was to Torres del Paine and I did the "W" hiking 5 days, and I can recomend it to you because the beautiful sceneary, and there is many people who come to Chile to see the red sunrise and the beautiful landscape of the Patagonia.
I don't know much about scuba diving, but I know that many people is doing kayaking in a River called Calle Calle, and I did rafting in Rio Petrohue and it was amazing (The water was too cold because it was in winter)
if you want to see pictures of my last travel hiking in Patagonia you can see my facebook
Ada Aguila
From my personal point of view the best month to visit Chile are: September-Dicember, March-May. The climate is mild and there are not many tourist around. Also the prices of hotels, meals and tours are in low season rates.
Chile is a country privileged to hiking and kayaking, either in a Volvano, lake, near the coast or in the midle of the Andes.
The temperature of the water in Chile are somewhat cold, The Pacific Ocean is characterized by cold water all yar.
Temperatures range from 11 C - 17 C. This depends on where you are, North of South of the Country.
If you need some advise or information please feel free to contact me.
Best, sincerely.
For scuba diving definetly the best place to visit is Easter Island. Patagonia is ideal for hiking and kayaking and can you can spend a week doing both. There are different programs that tour operators offer.
If you need any help, ket me know
the best months to visist chile are january, february, and march. in chile those sports arent very popular but you can find dsome operator with that services especially in the south of chile
The best months are from November to March... I recommend you to visit the South of Chile. You will find many places to practice hiking and kayaking, and of you enjoy nature, much better. In Summer time the south of Chile presents a good temperature but the water is cold.
Good luck!
Look, the sea is cold in chile, but from La Serena to the north is warm, near the beach santiago find Algarrobo beach, but there you go diving suit with a bulk of about 3 ml thick. greetings
Hello there!
Well, you picked the perfect place to come!
There are many places where you can do hiking, trekking, scuba and kayaking. I would recommend Easter Island for scuba, it has the most beautiful fishes and clean waters.. and there are warm. (The plain ticket its a little expensive tho). For kayaking I think the lakes in the south are perfect for that and for hiking, well.. it depends in what part of Chile you like to see, because form north to south there are hundreds of places to see. The time to come depends on you also, I rather like summer best, but in autumn you can see the wonderful landscapes from the south.
Good luck!
the north can be accessed at any time, as it always has good weather "eternal summer", but beware of the change in temperature at night (very low temperatures.
the center of the country is better in summer season (until May, then in September).
south in winter the climate is more aggressive, siemre much rain and low temperatures, but is happy for some tourists, always protecting the condisiones which travels the accsesorios and clothing.

bon voyage, Cristian ..
If you want a lot of sun....January, February and March
If you want snow......June, July, August

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