Snorkelling/diving in Thailand in October?

I really want to do some snorkelling/diving in Thailand when I go there in October. Do you know of any reputable tour companies that operate during this time where I can book my travel? Thanks!


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You don't mention where in Thailand you want to go diving and snorkeling. If you choose Pattaya then I recommend you check out this link... Ask for Jen. She will be able to give you the best package possible.
i would say google koh tao diving and take your pick everywhere is very competetive in pricing but koh tao offers some of the best diving in thailand,im not a diver but october is the end of the rainy season would this have an effect on visibilty in the water???? Have fun!!!
Hi Lloyd
October is a good time for snorkeling/diving.
Recommended places are: Phuket island (expensive)...
Insiders go to Koh Chang (Trat Province)
About registered PADI Operators there are plenty; its your choice upon price agreement. Your travel booking of origin
is your responsability. Whether you go to Phuket or Koh Chang you have the alternative about flights or overland
coaches. Have fun and enjoy yourself
I would not recommend to go to Koh Tao, Koh Samui or Koh Phangan during Ocotber/November for diving. It i usually the monsoon season hear, so it is mostly raining a lot during this period and weather conditions are not nice.
I would suggest Phiket, Krabi, Phi Phi Islands, Khao Lak or Similan Islands for Diving.
The rainy season varies enormously in Thailand. Having lived on Koh Tao for eight years i can assure you that the snorkelling and diving will be fine in october. The monsoon starts in late naovember/december for approximately six weeks. There is plenty of information available on the web but i can advise independantly on transfers to and from the island, accommodation and dive shops if it helps.
Hello if you come to Phuket, we have more than 50 dive operators, 98 % are good and reliable. Make sure you choose safety above anything else, your life is important. PADI is the most recognised standard here in Phuket. Best places are Phi Phi ( all grades of diver )and Similians ( advanced and above...due to strong curents ), begining in October.
Have a super time here.
There are so many reputable Dive Centers all around Thailand. Where are you planning on staying? Wherever you go book with a proper dive center rather than any of the many local tour operators who know nothing about scuba diving. Enjoy your holiday!
I absolutely agree with Chantal ! First you find out what kind of " lifestyle" you would like during your stay . Its differs of the above mentioned places. Then you book the snorkeling/diving. Its good everywhere ! Have a great time !
There is many good diving companies to choose from. Depends on where you go. Pattaya or southern areas.
I operate day and liveaboard scuba trips from a 30 foot sailboat on Phi Phi Island. My number is 0848486970 if you come this way...
During October, you are best avoiding the west coast, as its still monsoon season, a great place to scuba dive and snorkel is Koh Tao, there are fifty differnt dive schools on this one island, the best one is Scuba Junction, located on Sairee beach, , you can get all the information you require from their website.
Good luck and enjoy your trip.
In October the west coast has there rain season, wile the east cost is starting to get theirs...

so I recommend you to plan your trip over to the east coast, and try the gulf of Thailand's best dive site called Sail Rock, from Koh Phangan you have diving boats going there everyday, its perfect for any level of diver, if you never dived before, even the first course (open water diver) takes you to this amazing location, at least for 2 dives or more. Koh Phangan got over 10 diving schools with all kinds of packages and prices, but mention your a member at localyte and receive an 15% discount at Pirate Divers.
hello, you did not mention where yo d like to go. I operate bbdivers on Koh Chang, this is about 5 hours from bangkok. We re going out for snorkeltrips every day. Oktober is the start of the season, so most days the snorkeling is nice, some days it is still too windy... but this you ll have to find out when you get here, not to be predicted!
have a look at if you would like more info on boats and sites
I would not recommend diving in October.
The sea is rough and the visabilty is reduced.
Wait until Novemeber or later when it should be better.
I would not recommend diving in October.
The sea is rough and the visabilty is reduced.
Wait until Novemeber or later when it should be better.
BUDDHA VIEW Diving just of Khao San Road is reliable and has masses of expertise: ask for Dave Tayler on
Yes , I know but in Thailand have a many place for do that .Phuket , Choomporn , Rayong or Koh Samui and Koh Tao but if i recomment i really like to reccomment on Koh Tao because when you have to learn here can you have to go another place for to see too .. but i thinks on October is not a good time for to do because the monsoons is coming but can you do before about on august or september ? I thinks is better than ...
Many of guests balance their time diving with time at our place in Jomtien near Pattaya.
You can dive from here (Jomtien) but viz is much better off Kow Chang. Kow Chang is like Pucket and PIPI were like ten years ago. Contact me on my web site
Down south on the Andaman sea. No one can say what the weather will be like, but Ko Lanta have many dive opperators open. Rumour has it the islands of Samui, Tao have bad weather in Oct.

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