I'll be going to Ecuador in January, any tips for me? I've never been out of the country.


Country: Ecuador


Where are you from? It gives us an idea as to what you need to know. Vaccines etc...
It depends on which scenario you are on, my friend. If you are up to enjoying the warm weather on Ecuador, you may want to plan for a coast tour around the 'Ruta del Sol'. If you are up to see more architecture and cold climate, you may want to plan something around the highlands, which can start at the capital city, Quito, or Cuenca, which was declared as world heritage. If you are the adventurous type and enjoys being around with flora and fauna, I recommend the oriental part of the Ecuador, or the Galapagos Islands, considered as world heritage as well. If you are interested in going around on any of the above mentioned, send me an email, so i could plan a tour for you and to see if you are interested.

1/ Unmissable is the indigenous market of Guamote, one hour driving south from the andean city of Riobamba. This is a colorfull local food market and nothing to buy for you except a little pig or maybe cuy!!!

2/ In the Village of Peguche, about 10 minutes driving north from Otavalo, there is a local restaurant called Sumac Micuy wich on friday evening or saterday evening is proposing a great cultural show to the Tour Operators of Quito. These are staying in the hotels around Otavalo in order to visit the market. But in the evening they go to experience that cultural show. As individual you will not be able to see this but if there are groups, Tayta Antonio (the owner) will let you enter. You also can eat there like locals do but you will have to pay an additional of about $10 for food and show!

3/ Bird island alongs the coast of Ecuador is an excelent place to be amazed by the number of fregat birds flying around! I promise that if there are less then 10.000, I will kill myself!
This is about 1 hour and 30 minutes aways of Guayaquil but is still located in the huge delta of the Guayas River close to (Puerto Villamil) Playas.

If you tell me more about when you are planning to come, your budget, the time you can spend in Ecuador I will be pleased to help you further!
Let me know!
You can start in Quito ( Ecuador´s capital city) where you will see the best preserved historical city of America, and one of the biggest. Quito was the first city in the world which was declared in 1978 as " World Heritage". If you prefer the rainforest, Mindo is only 2 hors far from Quito, but if you prefer climbing or the snow, Cotopaxi National Park is also 1 hour far from Quito, where you will see the biggest active volcano of the World. Otavalo city, is also a good destiny, because you will see the biggest indigenous markert of America.
Recommended to visit the main cities. Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and Galapagos. Loja, Salinas or Playas, Puyo, Baños de Ambato are other great places to visit.

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