We are taking a trip to explore Sri lanka in October. Which places should we visit? Any do's and don'ts there that we should knowabout?


Country: Sri Lanka



You could visit down south.Lots of Beaches. If you like to have more information you could contact
you can go anywhere in sri lanka accept North. Better places are down south and kandy... if need more details contact me
Well it all depends on how many days you have in SL and what sort of things interest you. Beaches, mystic blue hills, wildlife, ancient ruins... you name it we've got it. Generally, its safe to travel anywhere except the North and East.

If you are into golden sandy beaches, I'd suggest Hikkaduwa, or Unavatuna. There are some great 5 star hotels along the way and there are ordinary back packers joints as well.

Only problem in SL is there are no organized transport systems for tourists. so which means that unless u rent a car, (provided that you can manage to drive in SL) you'll have to stick to the public transport system. Trains and buses have air conditioned services and they're pretty good.

If you decide to take the cultural rout, going to the North Central Part is the best deal. Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Segiriya, Dambulla, Yapahuwa etc are some super places. there are some excellent hotels along the way. once again the transport is something u have to figure out.

If you like beautiful scenery then Hill Country is where you should go, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Horton Plains, Ella, are some awesome places.

If you are into wildlife, there are about 5-6 nature reserves with leopards, elephants bears etc.... but most of them have been closed for security concerns. Yala, and Wasgamuwa are open to the public.

Do drop a mail if u need more info.
If you're interested in Kiteboarding come to Negombo.
From here there is a beach and can also rent kiteboarding equipment, and from there also visit Kalpitya, the best place to go kiting in SL.
You could visit the city of Galle which is situated south of Colombo the Dutch fort, built in AD 1663 after the Dutch invasion in AD 1640 seizing it from the Portuguese who were then settled at a site know as Santa Cruz or Black Bastion. A large part of this Fort remains intact even today, one of the best-preserved Dutch forts in all Asia and gracefully received the declaration of a UN world Heritage site in AD 1988. In Galle one could be at leisure by the beach or begin by exploring the inside streets of the Fort; a myriad of old streets and houses many still holding their original names and facades. Some houses have been well restored to their original grandeur complete with swimming pools in what used to be the centre piece of the home, the centre court yard. The Galle Fort hotel, a onetime home of famous Sri Lankan jeweler O L M Macan Markar is a nice stop for a hot cup of tea. This tour will surely make you feel like a true island explorer in a time wrap. Some shopping is possible you will come across shops with fine variety of gems and jewelries, antiques, art galleries etc. a few great shops to visit would be Barefoot, Fort Gallery and Elephant walk to name a few out of the many. The Colonial atmosphere blended with the bustling City life at Galle is sure to give you a pleasant Experience. You could stay at the Jetwing Lighthouse & the Galle Fort Hotel

After Galle you could drive eastward to Yala. On the way you will come across many breathtaking ocean views and interesting / Historic places of interest such as the Blow hole in Kudawella & Kathargama. In the evening you can leave to do a guided Jeep Safari at the Yala Wild Life sanctuary better known as the Yala National Park one of Sri Lanka’s premium eco tourist destinations, which is about 24km northeast of Tissamaharama. The Park is renowned for the variety of its Wild Life, specially noted for its Elephants, Leopards, Bear and Coast line associated with Corals. The Jungle spans about 10 acres over the Southern and Uva provinces containing a large stretch of Beach filled with small patches of Mangrove Vegetations along the Coast. You could stay at the Yala Village Hotel situated in Kirinda, about 3 km away from the Yala National Park.

After spotting the illusive leopard at Yala National Park, depart to the Hill station & tea country Nuwara Eliya!! the coolest part of the Island, also known as the Little England of Sri Lanka based on the highest ground point on the Island about 192km from Yala. You would encounter breath taking scenic views of vegetation and the wide stretch of lush grown Tea Plantations. Don’t miss out on stopping to enjoy the beauty of many Waterfalls that appear quite often through the Misty Mountains. Arrive at the Little England of Sri Lanka About 2000 to 2500m in ground height from Sea level. On entering the City you could do a guided Tour and visit the famous Golf course on challenging terrain comparable to international greens. You could stay at the Grand Hotel , at St Andrew’s Hotel , or at Jetwing Warwick Gardens .

After departing little England proceed to Sigiriya. Climb the 5th century Sigiriya rock fortress which is a world heritage site, built by King Kashyapa (477-495 AD). The 'Lion Rock' is a citadel of unusual beauty rising 200 meters from the scrub jungle. The rock was the innermost stronghold of the 70 hectare fortified town. Visit the world-renowned frescoes of the 'Heavenly Maidens' of Sigiriya, which are in a sheltered pocket of the rock approached by a spiral stairway. These frescoes are painted in earth pigments on plaster. You could stay at the Kandalama Hotel

You could visit the elephant orphanage in Pinnawala. This orphanage is the home for about 60 elephants, out of which some are baby elephants found abandoned or orphaned in the wild. They are being cared, fed and trained by the wild life authorities. The best time to visit is during the feeding times, when one will have the opportunity of seeing the baby elephants being bottle-fed. Also could accompany the elephants to a river close-by and see them having their daily bath.

And also check out the rapids at Kitulgala White water rafting

Once your done exploring, you could relax and let your mind recapture the unforgettable memories of the wonderful island in the City of Colombo.

Feel free to drop me a line if you require further information. Enjoy the land like no other…
All depends on your interest.

1)if you want to see and know about the historical background of the country you have to visit Anuradhapura Polonnaruwa Sigiriya Dambulla Kandy Galle etc;which has many ancient ruins and artifacts which dates back 3rd century B.C upto 18th century A.D.

3) If you are interest in Holidaying only we have many beautiful beach areas including the one of the best 10 beaches in the world which are scattered from southern Sri Lanka to western Sri Lanka and eastern Sri Lanka.

4) If you are interested in Site seeing we have misty mountains with beautiful waterfalls and tea plantations like velvet carpets.
5) If you are interested in Wild life and nature we have the Sinharaja Rainforest which is seconded only to amazon and have many varieties of flora and fauna some are endemic.Then we have many national parks to see only wild elephants and also to see other animals as well as elephants.Then we also have two elephant orphanages to see elephants in Captivity.Also elephants rides available.Also we have turtle farms.whale watching and dolphine watching.

6 If You are interested in sports and adventure you can participate in watersport activities,white water rafting scuba diving,para sailing gliding,ballon riding,etc;as well as for adventure lovers we have mountain climbing ,hiking ,trecking,camping,and other adventure activities.
7)If you are interested in Education and agriculture side visits can be done to schools and farms and have personal experience in these activties in local style.
8) If you are interested in social or cultural aspects then you can visit many social organisations and also to see many dances and other cultural events like Annual religious processions.
9) If You are interested in experience long healthy life having Ayurveda Natural Herbal massages and treatments which has been practised in Sri Lanka for more than 5000 years,that is also possible.The country has very rich system of natural healing combined with Yoga and meditation specially to relax the stress minds.
10) If anybody is interested in Relaxing in Eco friendly environment there are man hotels and guest houses built by the side of rivers and lakes and in islands to have a very peaceful holiday,may be with boat rides and jungle trecking etc;

Things you should do are

1)always accompany a qualified person to take tourists round the country.If You are going on your own when dealing with strangers who come and try to become more friendly or offering many things at cheap rates think twice.
2)Drink mineral water as much as you can atleast 3 litres a day to compensate the dehydration due to heat.
3)When entering a religious place cover the body as much as possible.
4) never take photos facing back to religious monuments or statues.
5)If you are travelling by bus or any other public transport first discuss the prices Clearly.
6)When travelling in Sri Lanka try to be a Sri Lankan you cannot get all the comforts you get in Europe.We have to adjust to what we get.
7) As the wages are very low in Sri Lanka always try to give a good reasonable tip if good service is done to appreciate the service.

If You want to get profesional service or arrange internal tours ,you can contact me or wasantha53 in Skype.
Hi you could visit Kandy, Nuwara Eliya lot of sight seeing, And then you could go down south lots of nice beaches. Hope this helps
I believe all the comments from other members of the forum would provide you with some excellent overall picture of how you could plan your stay in Sri Lanka. To summarize, the below would be the areas / places that you may be interested.

Galle (the southern capital of Sri Lanka) - Wonderful stretch of sandy and sunny beach of Indian Ocean, and to enjoy the old Dutch architecture, see the corals, turtles, and go for Whale watching (the whale watching season starts in October)

Yala National Park - Elephants, Leopards, Deer, a large variety of Birds.

Nuwara Eliya - The "Little England" of Sri Lanka, the highest altitudes of the country. Cold weather, a variety of flowers & plants, some of the best tea plantations of the world.

Kandy - The hill capital of the country. Sri Dalada Maligawa (The Temple of Tooth of Lord Buddha), Pinnawala elephant orphanage.

Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa - Ancient cities. Capital cities of ancient Kings in Sri Lanka. Magnificent views of very old Buddhist monuments that are centuries old.

Western Beach - Famous tourist destinations such as Negombo. Sandy and Sunny beach with a variety of sea sports.

Do's and Dont's.
- The Northern and Eastern parts of the country are now completely safe, but still not recommended for tourists. There is a very high possibility that these areas will be open for tourists by October 2009.

- Transportation - The public transportation services are available with Air-conditioned buses, and Intercity Trains, but I would recommend that you hire a car / a tourist coach with driver, which will be very convenient. These services are readily available to suit your custom requirements, and are not that expensive as well.

I hope your journey to Sri Lanka will be a memorable one. Please visit my motherland and experience the renown hospitality of all Sri Lankans.

Best Regards.
hi i want to know how many days u come to sri lanka u are like beaches or wildlife or hill country if u want do all we can do it nice round tour with shair with u got days (mean how many days u in sri lanka) so if u want more details or would u like our service contact me i give u nice memory for ur holiday u can do here surfing snorkling beach party cocktail with sunset sea view cabana or room fresh sea food so contact me
You could visit Batticaloa district in the Eastern province. It's very calm here and we have a lot of beautiful places to visit including beaches, paddy fields etc. Maybe I could help you. Welcome to Sri Lanka.
Greetings from Sri Lanka...

October is the change of Monsoon South-West to North-East; Lots of rain to be expected during that time. Sea will be rough in the West coast but will be fine towards end October November till April 2010. Good for Wild life, Visiting Sanctuaries, Visiting National Heritage, Historical places etc.etc. If interested this country is a Biodiversity Hot spot. A small tropical country that you could visit to the Highest elevation from the sea level within few hours. The only Natural Rail Forest within few hours. If interested Camping; Deep sea fishing from Nov. to April

Any assistance could be given by contacting me on
Hi. I am Shamila a Sri Lankan my husband is English we live in Negombo Sri Lanka. Read the UK Foreign Office travel advice first as to where and where not to go. You will be overcharged for everything so agree a price for everything from an apple to a taxi fare. There are lots of cultural sites to visit in the cultural triangle. All within one day trip of Negombo. If you want detailed info you can mail my husband or me we will send you pictures and give you price guides. We have two chalets for rent $15 a night including lounge, bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, tel/fax, free internet, free sat tv, free dvd + films, free maid service, free tea coffee. We are minutes from the beach, We have English people staying at the moment so if you want to call you can chat to them 0094776021406. They will tell you all about us and Sri Lanka. Our minimum stay is 7 nights. Their names John and Evelyn Rathbone from London. Where ever you go, whatever you do, whereever you lodge stay safe and enjoy your trip. Shamila
Dear friend,
October is good month to travel in to the south west part of the country. if you are interested in visiting dry zone keep in mind during this time specially after october 10 -15 there will be heavy rain from north east monsoon. before that dry zone is totally dry.
and to provide more detailed advise we need more information regarding your interest, and what you want to see and experience while you are here.
Hi...SL has lots to offer and the places you should visit will depend on your length of stay, budget, interests etc. Since most of the others have touched on the major attractions, let me update you on some of the "Don'ts".

Avoid the Northern and Easter areas due to the current security situ. These areas will soon be ok to travel but it may take a while. Also, since you are travelling to SL in october, the seas of the NE coasts will be in monsoon and not the best time of year to visit. The beacehes off the Southern and Western coasts on the other hand will "in season" (no monsoon - calm) and will be the best time to visit.

Thats about it on the Donts actually.
here's a few more tips...

*Public transport can be rather tiresome, but very cheap and is also a good way to experience the local life. Taxis/Cars/Vans can also be hired but these will be more expensive although more convenient and flexible.

*If your trying the local spirits - try the foll:
1)Arrack - go for the ones marked "Pure Coconut Arrack" and not the blends. Arrack is akin to Whiskey but made from coconut water.
2)Toddy - a local brew made from from coconut water but allowed to ferment on the tree itself (found mostly along teh south coast)
3) Not advisable to try the local moonshine unless you know whats in it or unless your with local friends (you need to be careful wt this as its an illicit brew!!!)

do contat me if you need more info.
Cheers (no punn intended!!)

Please visit websites &
Hi ! Glad to know you have decided to travel here !
You may visit my profile & just go through the advices I have made to the previous travelers who seek the same advice OR visit to have in-depth info about do's & don't in Sri Lanka.

Regards !

Franky, I have not much to add.
Because I am an expat and I only know the East and North of Sri Lanka, having been here since 1977.
All the guys from the other side will warn you and prevent you to come to the side of their (former) enemy.
There is not a hint of a problem here.
Specially for any foreigner.
If you wish to have true, noncommercial details about the Eastern Site:
Contact me please.
A good start are self-help sites such as

or the Facebook page:
"Arugam Surf"
Every single relevant article, question and answer regarding the area where I live is published there.
My view:
Avoid built up areas, visit the unspoiled nature and wild life of the beautiful East.
And, at the same time, help our poor, long neglected locals by having a little bit of tourist income, too.
Dr. MTA Ne.- Miller
Arugam Bay
(Not in Jaffna, as the system suggests!)
Hello, and a very warm welcome to our Pearl of the Indian Ocean, the resplendent Emerald Isle of the East! Being an island we offer you beaches and beaches. The east coast is glorious and is now quite safe to visit. The South is known to have a world famous blowhole believed to be the 2nd largest? What is nice about our beaches is when the weather is bad in the west the east is good. There are lots of places of interest generously covered in the numerous replies to his query. So, I won't go over all that except to endorse it all.
These websites are helpful to know more about Sri Lanka.

The History of Sri Lanka goes back to 700,000 B.C read all about it here...

Do try to contact a reliable local person to help you. It will save you a lot of money and heartache! Decide on what appeals to you most and plan your trip according to your budget. I know lots of visitors who have had a great time on a shoestring budget and if you are willing to forgo some luxuries that is also possible especially in these hard economic times. But, if you have the money to spend and want the best, there are very good hotels around the country. Whatever be your decisions always negotiate ahead when hiring any type of vehicle making sure they clearly tell you what is on offer. If you have a question to ask, please don't hesitate to pm me. Thank you,
Wishing you have a great holiday,
Try Jetwing Sri lanka for some really nice hotels in some really exotic places in Sri Lanka, They're the leadin hoter operator here, Destinations wise; for superb beaches for that great tan, surfing or snorkling.. its Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa on the west coast and for truly exotic and beaches it wud be Arugam bay ot Trinco on the east side.

If your interested in discoverin our 2000 year old history its Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Dambulla which can all be done in 2 days and so many exciting sites too. climb the world famous historic Sigiriya rock fortress or Pidurangala which is about 1Km near by.

If ur into wild life its Sinharaja rain forest, take the forest department route where u get a guide and a whole day of superb trek. or else head to Yala, Bundala or Udawalawe national parks in the south or Minneriya towards the north for big game such as Elephants, bear, leopard etc. whale watching and dolphin watching is very popular with sightings so many whale species, but sadly the season end near may and the whales migrate the rough waters.

The Hill country is not to be missed Kandy is filled with culture and history, visit Pinnawala elephant orphange on the way up there, It will be a memorable experience wit the baby elephants! and the aboslute gorgeous scenary of lush green mountains and tea estates of the hill country, Nuwara eliya is known as little England and has the beautiful Haggala botanical gardens to explore as well. Be sure to try the Observation deck train, it promises u 14 hours of the most amazing train journey u'd ever have in ya life. The scenary truly is fantastic.
Hi, I think it's better you contact me on 0094775511288 or e-mail me, I will explain to you.Thank You & Take Care....
In srilanka there is a lot to see.. It all depends on you. What sort of areas you like to go. I mean country side, hill country, beach side, may be east side of the island. And also if you can tell me how many people are there with you and for how many days are you'll going to stay in srilanka. Then i can give you more ideas. Hope to hear from you.
bye for now
Yes easy question, but don't think Sri Lanka is a small island, so what do you want?
Ok the south is populated with tourist on the beaches.
In the center you will find the beatifull town Kandy with The Temple of the Tooth of Lord Boedha, under it you have Nura Elliya (Thea plantations) and it can be very cool because it's high, comparing with the rest.
Up to the North of Kandy ( 80 km) you will find The village Habarana it's the junction left to go to the old town of ANARADHNAPUNA - right you can go to Polonnaruwa after 5 km you will find a beautiful National park with atleast 300 - 500 wild elephants.
Up to the North you can go to Trincomalle - Ninaveli beach nobody there but I love it.
On the moment the A9 to Jaffa is still not open for public but we expect it will be open very soon, and I will go straight away to, to see it.

It is so nice that you have selected Sri Lankan tour in october.You will be able to enjoy yourselves as you desire. I will help you to make your tour a success. Contact me through my email adress.
sri lanka is a place where u can have all sorts of exciting places to golden beaches to tea estates to historical places to night clubs to shopping...etc etc... everywhere is safe except for north east..kandy,downsouth,nuwaraeliya are popular among foreigners..
Contact me through my e mail...I will bring you any where you expect
Dear Sir,

We are tour operator in Sri Lanka, offering the best tour packages at the best hotels. Please contact me on


Wannadelve into the sandy beaches of Sri Lanka? then Hikkaduwa and galle are the places to go. lots to do there.. snorkeling, diving, surfing (if the season is right) and theres also whale and dolphin watching in nearby Mirissa. anyone at your hotel can direct you to the place. theres also a turtle hatchery you could set actual little turtles free into the sea close to hikkaduwa (15 mins or so away)
Kandy - the hill capital is great for chilaxing... checking out the ancient temples and budhist culture of sri lanka.. Nuwara Eliya (1 1/2 hrs from kandy) is a little britain of sorts. strawberry picking, horse riding etc and nice cold climate (12 - 15 degrees) Sigiriya and Dambulla are also a must see, the rock fortress (one of the 7th wonders of the world) lies in Sigiriya and the clim is deffinitely worth the view. Colombo is good for intensive shopping, if your into that! great brand names at discount prices from malls such as Majestic city in bambalapitiya (colombo 4) and super malls like Odel unlimited (lipton circus) hope this helps.
You could visit down south,east & Up country . If you like to have more information you could visit
There are lot of places that u can visit..but it all depends on what u wana discover,,like ancient cities,or wild life ,beaches,nightlife.mountains and water falls these are some of areas that u can explore in Srilanka,,,,and u can do lot of patrys in the beach and have a mega time,,,contact me for additional information..

or u can add me on same mail id on face book..

cheers ...

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