I have a customer who lives in Hua Hin, and he wants a minibus to go from hua hin to Sai Yok, spend one night and then go back. Do...


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you can rent a car 1500 THB with driver per day and add oil by guest is better you can have a car with you all the times and cheaper.
The airconditioned minivan rental for 10 passenger from Hua Hin to Sai Yok is 2,300 - 2,500 Bahts per day, including driver who will stand by for your customers all the time and also the gasoline. Your budget is more than enough. Let me know if they need help because Hua Hin is my vicinity.
Depending on how many people want to go, if it is only one person, rent a car with a driver, or just use one way trips. Your budget will be more than enough to cover the expenses. Don't forget about the accomodation and meals for the driver too.
Have a safe trip.
yes at most 3000 baht inc.everything shop around possibly cheaper
Your budget is good enough. Your customer will cover all including moderate food & accommodation with the amount.
Hi Tom
Sorry, I'm more familiar with the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. I leave it to others to give U accurate information for U request. Any other time ... ;-)
According to what you wrote to me.... you are willing to pay for the rental of the minivan at Sai Yok instead of Hua Hin, but the driver has to pick up your customers from the hotel in Hua Hin first. I would like to recommend you to arrange the transportation for your customers with Avis or Hertz at pattaya office where you are residing there. Ofcourse, you need to pay them in advance too. They have network and office in Hua Hin too. Private minivan drivers doesn't accept your term of payment because they don't know either you or your customers before.
Hi, and thanks for your answer. But i am afraid that is just bullshit. I dont know the friver eighter and i have rented minubuses for years, and never paid them in advance. I always pay the amount when we return safely, not before. My customers is not to pay. I am, so therefore i pay him in River Kwai. I am just asking for a phone number to a private minibus driver in Hua Hin, not hertz or stuff like that. If you cant provide me with a phone number, i have to go elsewhere.

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