Are there wild animals at small parks.


Country: Kenya


we have diffrent kind of wild animals in these small park eg leopard,hyenas,wild cats,e.t.c
yes we have, in Kenya not ever the small park you have to get wild animals eg wild cats and hyenas are the most common once.
Hello Donald,
Yes there are animals in those small parks. Like Antelopes , Gazelles , Hyenas , Jackals and bird species Monkeys and even leopards . Examples of small parks in Kenya are: Mt Elgon National Park Saiwa Swap National park which found not far from Mt Elgon , we have Ruma National park situated in Western Kenya and many more.
yes,htere many animals in small parks like mwingi national reserve i.e.leopards,zebras,wild dogs.
Kenya African animal parks experience is one of the best in the world. You will get a chance of seeing the big five Kenya animals including monkeys, elephants, birds, hyena giraffe, jackals, mongooses, leopard, wild dogs and other Kenya animal. In Kenya you follow animal tracks, listen to sounds and get to eating an animal.

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Kenya Carnivores

1. Pangolin

2. Jackals

3. Bat eared fox

4. Wild Dogs

5. Cape clawless Otter

6. Honey Badger (Ratel)

7. Genet

8. Mongoose

9. Aardwolf

10. Spotted Hyena
11. Serval

12. Caracal

13. Leopard
14. Lion

15. Cheetah


Try And be specific which small park you talking about have in mind all small parks have little animals.. stay bless ..
Hi Donald,an example of a small park would be?Nairobi Safari Walk perhaps?Yes there are various wild animals in the park..The only problem is that there movements are somehow restricted.
Kenya is a proud country boosting over a large number of National parks and Game reserves,among these we have a number of them that are relatively small,these parks include,Sibiloi National park,Meru National park,Marsabit National park,Aberdare National park,mount Kenya national park among others.


It's common to spot the shy leopard,kudu,grant and thomson's gazelles,Zebras,antelopes,impalas,hyenas,warthogs,elephants,giraffes,elephants and a vast number of bird spices among other wild animals.


The best time to spot animals is early morning and late evening at around 7am and 4pm,at this times the vegetation is soft because of the morning and evening due,the sun is also low hence a cool and favorable atmosphere.

I hope this was helpful...all the best.

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