Hello, We are a french family (2+2) who want to spend next august in or near SF, in a renting house or condo (2 BedR + 2 Bathr) .

At the first sight, rentals in SF seem rather expensive. What is the best and cheap place near SF and near the beaches ? Than you M&P. PS : we are also ready to make exchange with one appartment in Prag (CZ) and a chalet near Brno (CZ) . I am a french expatriate and we are leaving in Czech Rep.


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Check craigslist...



Hi, and welcome to San Francisco, a beautiful city with much to explore. San Franciscan's live in a very expensive place and it is difficult to find inexpensive accomodations, but here are my recommendations. If you are willing to stay about 45 minutes to 1 hour from San Francisco you can find good beach-side accomodations that 'might' be cheaper than SF. First try Stinson Beach, Muir Beach, or Bolinas, 1 hour north of San Francisco with nice beaches and near fantastic redwood forests. Also try Montara or El Granada, half hour South of San Francisco. Please understand that our beaches are not good swimming or bathing beaches, the water is extremely cold and the currents are treacherous. These beaches are great for hiking and relaxing but not for swimming. Also our weather in August is somewhat could be cold and foggy or pleasant, but probably not hot. There are beaches in San Francisco that are interesting. Acquatic Park and Crissy Field have beautiful views of the Bay, but the water is cold and I believe accomodations near there would be expensive. For me, if i were traveling to SF and wanted to stay by the beach, I would try Stinson Beach and plan to drive to SF a few times during my stay. Hiking near Stinson beach is fantastic. I hope you enjoy your stay here!
Since you have given much time I would say your best option is to pursue a house-swap or share arrangement. Many in san Francisco would be willing to trade for a month in Prague or Brno. When you are looking, the best neighborhoods for.beaches are called Seacliff and The Outer Sunset. But be aware that even in August, san Francisco can be cold, and if you want to have a beach holiday, you should plan to spend at least some of your time in southern California. Good Luck!

As some others have said, you might try a housing swap using craigslist or or one of the other websites that specialize in that. San Francisco is quite expensive, but you may be able to find good deals on apartments. Airbnb generally has good rates; occasionally vrbo will have something.

As someone else stated, San Francisco isn't quite a beach town. The water is always quite cold - very few people swim in it and surfers wear thick wetsuits. The weather is also generally much cooler and foggier near the beach, which always happens to be the area furthest away from the city center. Although the beach is worth a visit, most tourists don't spend a huge amount of time there.

North and south of the city there are some better beach areas where there isn't as much fog and the riptides aren't as strong, but for a true beach town experience (with warmer water) you'll want to go quite a bit further south.

If you have the whole month to spend, it might be worth it to spend a week in the city, a week driving the very beautiful coast down south of Santa Barbara (where the water is warmer), and some time at one of the southern California beach towns.

Have a wonderful vacation and please let me know if you have any questions!

bienvenue en tunisie

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