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Hello, everyone I have maybe quite specific question! I live in Russia , Moscow My friend is Russian too but she study in states in Washington DC I want to visit her, but nervous a bit about visa, she can not send me an invitation because she does not have any rules to do . Could anybody who get a vise advice me how to do it in best way , is there any company or smb else who can send me an invitation? Or is any way to get a visa from Russia. As for me I am absolutly honest that i do not want to stay in US , I have a good job here but i do not have any assets here , so I think i can have some problems in attorney(( If anybody could give a good advice I ll be very appreciate))) Thank you , waiting for an answer)


Country: United States


Elena...Its not abt what assets you have that will convince the USA consulate of you return to Russia once you complete you nature of business in USA, It is you to convince them by being truthful & conversant with your purpose for applying for a Non Immigrant Visa.
Your good Job is reasonable enough to qualify you to receive a Non Immigrant to the USA, however ensure that you have sufficient proof supporting how good you job is...It is also in order for your Supervisor to write a letter to the embassy, informing them of your employment.
All the best in your Visa application.
It all sounds simple enough, but I have met families where the husband is a doctor, owns a home and has money in the bank yet they could not get permission to VISIT the U.S.! They only wanted to come spend their money at Disneyland. It would have definitely helped our economy.
I wish you all the luck and am hoping the restrictions are not as bad as they were back in 2004.
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