what is the best place in mexico in terms of crazy partying (but not spring breaker style) & beach in Mexico in August????


Country: Mexico


Well come to Mérida, Yucatán, there's a lot of beach clubs for party over the night it's totally different from can cun, however where not that far from there, so if u wanna go u can.
Hope I can help u if u decided to come here!
Crazy partying but not spring breaker style... if you're a foreigner that will be a hard stereo-type to avoid..! I really like the beaches in the state of Oaxaca. You can go to Puerto Escondido which is a surfer town but has bars, and it's a great beach. There's plenty of other great places along that coast.
Acapulco and playa del carmen. acapulcos has fantastic restaurants with spectacular views and night clubs (baby O), the sea is so so, theres a good lagoon nearby too.
Playa is great for everyth (try to get some snorkeling or diving done off cozumel) and club in playa and cancun (not far). playas probably your best bet.
HOLa. well i would say that TULUM ,PLAYA DEL CARMEN.. is the best . you can have quality crazy night life.. you would love it. and it can be as expensive as you want it to be.
Thanks!! how far is tulum from playa del carmen... because i'm leaning towards playa del carmen...
Hello Ramzi, We have several options to offer, in my opinion Puerto Vallarta would be number one, its a beautiful town and has a lot of different activities including night life, if yo need a Villa or apartment for rent, go to they have the best options.
Second option Playa del Carmen, which is on the caribean side of the Country, this place is more boheme, trendy and fashion directed.
And the third option would be Acapulco.

Take care!!
Busca la feria o eventos en la ciudad "Parras de la Fuente" que está en el estado de "Coahuila". En agosto
es la feria de la uva y el vino.
Playa Del Carmen is always great! Try staying near Mamitas Beach or 5a. Avenida. Best party places on 12th street and 5th avenue. Tulum is only 30 minutes away. Try:
Its a bit hard to find "THE BEST PLACE" in Mexico for partying IN AUGUST, cause most of the people already go back to their jobs and it ends holidays. But, one of the best places to party in Mexico is Mazatlan in the state of Sinaloa, and Puerto Vallarta in the state of Jalisco.
Zipolite in Oaxaca is an amazing place... Its classified as a nudist beach, but most people still wear clothes.. very euro- hippie place. We camped right on the beach, with bathroom/shower facilities for about 3 dls. a night. The beach there is NOT swimmer friendly, but the next town over is called Puerto Angel, from there u can go on a snokeling tour to 4 beaches, everything included, for around 10 dls.
First, that's a pretty lame question. I'm pretty sure my not spring break style of partying is quite different from yours. Second, August is a horrible time to visit the MX beaches--it's rainy season and it will be unbearably hot and muggy--not to mention the mosquitos-- nearly everywhere on both coasts. Maybe you should stay home

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