Hi... I have a Permanent Resident Card from Canada... do i need a visa for Mexico?


Country: Mexico


I think u don't neeed a VISA just ur passport :)
Hey brother... It's more than obvious that you don't need visa to get in here, as long as you have a resident vise for Canada, but if you want to be 100% percent sure about it check this website:

Now, once you're in here, the only thing that you'll have to do is just fill a form at the airport that you may ask to the coustums agent.
Not positive...but as an American you can come travel in Mexico just on your tourist visa (which they give you on the plane). I would double check, you might even be able to call and ask your airline.
that depends on your passport, google 'visa regulations mexico'
that depends on your passport and how long its still valid, to be sure google visa requirements mexico
Nope, You dont need a visa, only your passport.. Canadians do not visa to enter Mexico.
I want to know your current nationality. It is fundamental know this before answer you. Regards
if you´re from canada, i think you don´t need a Visa, only your passport.

see u !
You need a mexican passport. You can get it at the mexican embassy or council.
great thanks for the help :)
No you just need your passport, dont need a Visa to come to Mexico.
Hello, first of all you do need a VISA to get in Mexico it's called a tourist VISA.. this is given to you usually on the plane. or if you go by land before you enter MEXICO it is good for 3 months. If you are a Canadian Resident and have a Canadia passport it shouldn't be a problem, but it all depends where you are originally from. That is the passport that you have to show. and you have to look up if there are any restrictions for your country of origin. unless like i said you already have a canadian passport. which is given only when you are a citizen..

best of luck enjoy Mexico
as far as i know you don't need any visa to get into mexico, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to contact the ambassy of mexico in canada = ]
No, you don't need a visa to visit as a tourist, how ever, if you want to work, you need a special permit

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