i would love to know more on your country

i am mahaveer from india i would love to know more on your country and also if u do have contacts of tour operators in your country i would like to have thier websites and email ids i also own a tour company here in india and also a retreat in yelneer i would also like to know people planing to travel india and we are open for tie ups even the localytes too you can mail me on my email is


Country: Ecuador


Hi, I'm Armando from Bolivia, if you are interested in my country I can bring all the information you will need, I also work with a Travel Agency.
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I will be pleased to help you but you have to know that I´m also an incomming Tour Operator so all what I will tell you can be influenced!!!

You can visit my web side on or where we do have some excemples of tours, prices of hotels, programm´s, ....

I do know in the US a tour Operator selling tour to Ecuador named Gate 1 who have lots of emigrated indians traveling with them. I don´t have their web page but I´m shure that searching for them you will easily find them.

If you need more help I will be pleased to help you more. Let me know what you need!
Ecuador has many beautiful places to know, i think that it would be useful if first you have a general idea of the things you can do in Ecuador, and then focus in a specific region or city. The official website of Tourist Minister is
in spanish and english version.
If you prefer to begin with something more specific, i recommed you to see the oficial website of Quito ( Ecuador´s capital city) in , available in english version too.
You can check Wikipedia's profile about Ecuador. If you're also intrested in information about Guayaquil, you can check
Ecuador is located in South America. It is a small country. There is a lot to see here in Ecuador and for all kind of travellers. There´s the beach, the snow peacks, the jungle and the Galapagos Islands.
Of course each one of the noted before have their "highlights". Will be happy to help if you need more info.

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