THis summer I will spend 5 weeks in Australia. The first 2 weeks my partner and I will stay with locals near Brisbane, Aug 8 - 22, so...

...we would like to know about great places to go hiking, swimming, scuba-diving in that area near Brisbane, also local's favourite pubs, restaurants etc.. Then from Aug 22-31 or even the first days of September we want to go from Brisbane to Cairns (and back) and would like to know which places to visit on our way. Also open to suggestions about which rental car company would be best. Maria-Anna Foohs, tour guide from Wuerzburg, Germany


Country: Australia


Hi thanks for the question

I have provided some links for you to have a look at that may assist you in some activities of your choice whilst in Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts - I hope they will be of some assistance to you as I'm based in Melbourne and more niclined to be able to assit you in that sense than IU would b able to to in QLD

best and sincere wishes in your travels here


I agree with the previous person who answered this question for you. You need to do some Internet searching before you arrive and have your plans already prepared before you arrive to visit your friends - but not set in concrete, so you can change them if necessary.

I would recommend that you visit Australia Zoo with your friends, as it is only a few Kilometres outside of Brisbane and you will get to see a variety of Australian wildlife and animals - all in one place.

Of course it is better to see them in the wild - but 5 weeks is not long enough for that.

Swimming and scuba diving again can be shared with your friends in Brisbane at Bribie Island, just 1 hour from Brisbane, or further up the Sunshine coast (2 hours).

Bars and restaurants are plentiful in Brisbane, on the Sunshine coast and on the Gold Coast, but why waste you money in them? You can do that back in your own country. I am sure you are not planning to spend all that money just to get a hangover on Ozzie beer.

You can get and "Aussie Pass" which will allow you to travel on the Greyhound buses, right across this nation, getting on an off as and when your desire.

From Brisbane you could stop at Gympie, a very old goldmining town, with links back to the times when the Egyptians were here, at the time of King Solomon, as well as Townsville before you go to Cairns, where you will be able to see the Great Barrier Reef in all its splendour, with as much swimming and scuba diving as you can put into a 24 hour day.

For more information about Gympie and its early history please read my book entitled: "The Coastal Pioneers" which is available free of charge on my webpage at

If you need more information please let me know. I am here to make your stay in Australia as wonderful as possible.
Servus Maria-Anna wie geht es dir? If I were you guys I would fly up to Cairns from Brisbane then drive down. If you plan to drive up and then back down you will spend most of you holiday driving and seeing the same thing twice. The distance between Brisbane and Cairns is twice the distance from Sydney to Melbourne and would take a solid 3 days to complete. Internal flights in Australia are relatively cheap check out the following websites:

You are better off spending a bit of time in Cairns if you like diving there are plenty of operators up there that can take you out onto the reef. I did this a few years back spent 4 days on a boat and absolutely loved it. From memory it was relatively cheap as well. I hope this has helped you.

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