How's Patagonia in Aug? We've planned to go there for our honeymoon.

We don't want the weather to spoil our honeymoon. What's it like in Patagonia in August? Does it usually rain this season? We want nice sunny days by the beach.


Country: Chile


If you are looking for sunny days on a beach..then your destination must not be Patagonia which is totally the opposite, besides in August is winter here in Chile and the region where Patagonia is located almost doesn´t have sunny days during winter time. Now if you visit the area anyway, you´ll see the most beautiful mountain landscapes on Earth. In northen Chile you´ll have nice beaches..Iquique, La Serena, Bahía Inglesa.
The month of August is midwinter in Patagonia, usually lots of rain and snow at this time of year.
I personally believe that it is not a good idea to go to Patagonia this time of year.
If you´re looking fo sunny and warm day I recommend planning a visit to Easter Island. The island offers clear skies and warm days usually year round.
Good luck to you and HAPPY honeymoon :)
If you need more advice or information please feel free to contact me.
Best regards, sincerely.
No, patagonia it is too cold for what you are looking for, i recomend you easter island or some place in the north of chile. in patagonia is always cold, it may be a good expecience to enjoy this type of wheather.

if you want sun, patagonia, it is no the right choice
In Chile is winter in August and in Patagonia is very cold in this season. You can visit the north of Chile, Arica or Iquique, is not cold in this season. In Arica you can visit the beach.
Hi there, I wonder if all the people from the previous posts have ever been to South of Chile in winter, well, it is cold, but not right about the fact that it is not sunny, from my own experience, I can say, you can see the most beautiful sunny days and sunsettings.
Obviously, if you're looking for "sunny days on the beach" this is not the right place, we barely ever go to the so called beach because of the cold temperature, ah, and the other fact is, is not rainy, is cold, but the rainy months are april and may, not august!
Hope I could help, have fun and a wicked honeymoon!
Locals say that winter is less lighter but you can have some not rainy days and clear skys. With Patagonia you can never tell... it changes from 1 hour to another; sun, rain, cloudy, parcial.
If you want to have sunny beach days, Patagonia is not your destination.
Patagonia is not the place for you, if you look for a nice sunny day at the beach. In August it is cold and full of snow at the Patagonia. You dont find beaches there but glaciers. I suggest you look for another place for your honeymoon.
Hey, Patagonia has rain in every seasson, all year long, but it also has the most amazing locations in Chile, perhaps the world. If you're looking for good weather perhaps you should go to te region of Atacama, it has the best beaches in Chile and also the record in drought in the world, you won't be worried about rain over there ;)
Hello friend!!
I guess that if you are looking for sunny beaches for you honeyboon, Patagonia is not the place in August for that. I will recommend the north of Chile, Iquique for example. Maybe you wont have all days sunny, but the weather is much warmer and the beaches have warm water. If you like to go to Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, I guess is it better to go in Dec-Jan, where the days are hotter, with beautiful clear skies (but you should always bring a raincoat!).
Have fun!
If you go to Patagonia at that time usually raining and the beaches are frost. August is a month rainy in the southern hemisphere. I suggest you see the possibility of knowing and walking Bariloche very warm.
In Chile is Winter in that time so you cannot visit Patagonia... It is recommended to visit it in summer time.
Instead of visiting Patagonia, you should go to San Pedro de Atacama. It is a beautiful place located in the North of Chile!
Good Luck!
August is the most cold month of the year in Patagonia, yo should travel from october until april.
The North of Chile is recommended in August especially Iquique . there are nice beaches Bye
I went to Patagonia in summer (January - February) and it was an unforgetable experience, I want to go back there and see those beautiful landscapes again. But I have to tell you that even in the middle of the summer It was cold, beautiful but cold
is always a good time to visit Patagonia in warm season, it's good to see the thaw and flourish in the valleys and vegetation. the coldest season is a good environment, living environment in its splendor.

for he month of August is good month, the agencies are leaving the domestic season and the beginning of the season abroad.
especially for the honeymoon.

chile enjoy.

bon voyage, cristian.

it is very beautifull, days are shorter and prices are lower.

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