Snowboarding in Bansko

Hey, Im going to be in Bansko for a bit, was wondering if anyone has done any snowboarding there? Or should I leave my snowboard at home? Also any advice on what to do or where to go at night? Bars, clubs, etc


Country: Bulgaria


Lots of People snowboard in Bansko - sorry for the mistake in my previous post
You can snowboard in Bansko for sure. I just ski , but lots of people snowboard in Bansko. At night I recommend MOLERITE - a restaurant with Bulgarian cuisine and live Bulgarian music. There are lots of bars and night clubs as well. It is safe to go there.
And BTW you can rent a snowboard in Bansko if you don't want to carry your own.
Hi Rochelle, make sure you bring your snowboard, we had 45-50cm drop of snow last week and more is due. The town is very busy at the moment and all bars and mehana's are doing well. Try Amnesia and Oxygen in the main square for clubs !:)
You can go to BashBar - this is the exact place for young people and snowboard lovers.
Well actually the situation this year is not that good!I came back from Bansko last day.For one week we had only 2 days snow,the rest of the time we were in the hotel drinking, because of the rain...
Bansko is great for snowbording, but not at moment because of the weather.
Bansko is now the top ski and snowboard resort in Bulgaria. You can leave your snowboard at home, but you should definitely bring some more money and perhaps a camera:) The nature around Bansko is simply amazing. If you are into hiking, you could try to climb Vihren Peak - the second highest in BG.

In the town of Bansko there are so many bars and clubs that you will find it difficult to make up your mind. I would only suggest that you abvoid the ones where "chalga" music is played.
Right now there's 145sm snow up there, so enjoy your self :)
The best bars and clubs in Bansko are Тnight Club and MAGIC Club.Enjoy the party :)
To mention the clubs-
I loved the Lion Pub and Amnesia.
It was kind of cool and cosy.

Bansko is good place to snowboard if you can do it quite well.
You see, my friend has been experiencing some troubles- she was a beginner very confident in herself, but, finally, she took the snowboard teacher and was totally delighted.
Be careful not to use the ski way, if you can't snowboard on the flat surfaces.
Bansko is good place to snowboard, the night life in the center too.

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