I'm looking for someone who can sell rooms of a logde in Tsavo East (Kenya). Attractive commisions will be offered on sales. Contact...


Country: Kenya


Hi Kimani,Localyte is all about business and networking,so i would not mind to have more details,like the name of the lodge,pictures,rates etc.,Then i can put my hand on it.Cheers
Thanks for your question. please, get in touch with all Members of KATO and you will be in massive business if you can give them a 15 - 20% commission on every booking. Remember, you have to take them for a Familiarization Trip.
I manage Victoria safaris. Get in touch with my company()
Thanks for your Question. Please do get in touch, I have got some good contact information for you. Nice weekend a head.
More information on the lodge, packages and deals will be welcome. Including some pictures, so I can get a feeling for its atmosphere.
all i need from you are more details on location contact and some few pictres showing the rooms and ambience. you can forward them to my email.cheers
Stephen, what lodge are you talking about?
Judging by everyone else's answers above mine, there's a common theme. We need more info.
hi steve,
please forward me more info and photos on the lodge and i will surely send you clients starting commission is 20%.
Let me have the details and i will get back to you.
Give us the details of your lodge, price etc
Hi,no one hates an extra coin in the pocket so pls give us more details like the name of the lodge and its specialties.
yeah 'am working for a reputable tour company,contact me through

First we need more info.How is the lodge?,what are the rates? give us photos and maybe a firm trip so as to get the feeling of the place.
Me am a reservations agent but i am in the field i can get people to stay at your lodge.Unless its a Karomaindo.

hi,i can do the job but i need to have more details e.g send me the rates and the names of the lodges.apart from rooms what else do you offer?
Thak you for your request. Your question is broad and would like clarifications. Are you looking for a GSA (Represntative / Marketing office to act on your behalf or you would want your property to be included on our Itineraries. Please, do communicate and we will be happy to assist you in any way. For more information kindly send to
Check your inbox. I ave contacted you.
Which lodge is this and what is the commission?

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