Whats Galapagos Islands like?

Any American here know any good tuor company tp Galapagos Islands? How much does it cost with arifare and tour package?


Province: Galapagos Islands

Country: Ecuador


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There are many agencies offering tours to Galapagos in internet. Galapagos islands are like paradise... animals are not afraid of humans.....even the birds. It´s a unique experience
I think it is the most amazing place in the world. You can get to see a lot of places and animals easily. The only problem is the price, but luckily there are cheap options these days and landtours. A company called Lead Adventures offers a really cheap package that will put you there for real cheap. Once there you'll find your own activities in the park, which is the most convenient way to do it, the way locals do it! Don't overpay on fancy cruise tours that will show you the same things you can see by yourself!
Well, there is no possible answer that might be fair enough to the Islands, but what I can tell you is that it is one -if not the best, experience you will enjoy as there is no other place in the world as unique and charming as Galapagos.
About any package, you can visit the Red Mangrove's website, it's a hotel and also offers tours packages.
I am ecuadorian but I have to tell you that Galapagos is one of the most amazing places in the world.So peaceful, animals staying together, magnificent beaches all the colors: red, black, white, gold. you have a lot of Agencies that can offer cruises or mixed tours (hotel & tours).

Galapagos is actualy in the running to be elected as one of the 7 world natural wonders and is even on the first place but the contect is still not finished. I think that most of our localute friends have mention already how wonderfull this place is. Of cours as incomming Tour Operator we can help you but ther are others like Columbus travel that can help you a lot online and with skype if you have questions to ask. They have a wide variaty of boats they are working with.
To visit the GPS (international turism code)ther are different ways.
1/ cruise
a yate maximum 16 pasangers and you have very luxery to very standart levels
b big cruise ships up to 90 pasangers. Maybe gives you more chances to find disponibility and more space nut is less nice than a small ship in my opinion
c island hoping is much cheaper and gives you more time to visit place instead of respecting the time shedule of the ships. This gives you the same oportunities to visit island as ships do!
Hope to be helpfull.
Well, airfare ranges from $365 if departing to Guayaquil and $415 USD if departing from Quito. Tour packages also range from $350 USD for 4 days to $2000 USD for the same time. Galapagos is unbelievable, there is no way to describe it! If you need any help I can help you arrange your trip.

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Galapagos is one of the most beautiful natural places on Earth. Its unique because you can stay in touch wiith animals that are not afraid of humans. This is a place for nature´s lovers. For example You can take some tour and go to swim in a blue sea full of fishes and other species.
Hi we would love to help you plan a Galapagos trip adventure. I would like to know more about your interests and hobbies to create a program which will give you the most out of your Galapagos expedition.
We just sent a group of people aboard the yacht Lammer Law which would normally cost over $4,200 (airfare not included). We charged each passenger a total of $1,250 for a 7d/8n LUXURY tour with the company Quasar Expeditions. This is just an example of the deals we are able to arrange for our customers. If you give me a little more information on what you are looking for we will be able to assist you in a great voyage adventure. Let me know if you would like to ask one of our past clients any feedback on our services and products we offer.

The return airfare prices for internationals are:
$414 from Quito
$369 from Guayaquil

At the moment I have some great deals for June- September with deals over 50% off. Let me know if their is anything else you would like to know about Galapagos, Ecuador or Iguana Charters.

happy travels!

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