safe to travel with kids to japan


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Yes, it is. It's one of the safest countries to travel whether are with kids or not.
Japan is probably one of the safest countries in the world for travelers. There are no scams or thieves or cut purses to speak of . You can leave your belonging unattended and no one (Japanese) will touch them. No guns, few gangs and shy people (when it comes to foreign interaction) all lead to safe traveling.
All true and goog advice
Yes Japan is a safe country.
Probably the lowest crime in the world.
But the public transport not 100% baby buggy friendly.Our overseas baby buggy does not fit through the train stations entry gate,only @ the wheelchair entry.
Many stations does not have elevators or Lifts.
Buses have high stairs,baby cart not welcomed there.
Peoples don`t give you their seat if you are with baby or child, even if they sitting in the disabled seats.
Not many english signs, which might confuse about train directions,
However like in many places there is few clubs what i don`t recommend: clubs in Roppongi(where African guys are trying to catch ppls from the street to visit their club)

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