Hi me and my friends want to go to thailand when its the best time in the year I heard the monzon its in june-july so is cool to go in...

...june-july? also if I get o bangkok whats close to do how far cool beaches are and how far Angkor is it from bangkok?


Country: Thailand


It's REALLY hot right now, and yes the rain will be with us June July time...... August September onwards is nice. Good beaches everywhere...... some only an hour from Bkk..... Cha-Am, Bang Saen etc. What d'you mean by cool? Clean, nice and deserted or full moon party?
Ankor? You could be there in 1 day but nice to get to the border, spend a night and then make an early start next day.
The rain will be heavier in June July and possible August but don't let that stop you coming to Thailand. You would be very unlucky to have a day ruined by rain and when it does come it is welcome relief from the heat!
You can get to Angkor from Bangkokm in one day, the border to Cambodia is around 3 hours by road and then Siam Reap (Angkor( is about 4 more hours by road. Alternatively you can fly direct from Bangkok to Siam Reap with Bangkok Air.
As for beaches, take your pick. There are lots you can get to in a couple of hours. These include Pattaya, Hua Hin and where i live in Cha-am. If you are looking for parties and bars by the beach then i would go for Pattaya or Hua Hin.
June, July is really not a bad time to come. I have been here six years. generally most days around then it might for 20 minutes or half an hour. there are some beaches with in a few hours drive from bangkok. angkhor is a short, cheap flight or about a full days travel overland.
Hello. Please don't let the rain put you off, it is often good to cool the heat. June , July and August have heavy rain but it clears up quickly after it starts.
Beaches are very close by and rather fly direct to Siam Riep (Angkor) from Bangkok. Have a wonderful trip here.
If you are not with family, you can come to bangkok any time. Two hours driving to get the nearest cool beaches.

One hour flight to coolest beaches like phuket,krabi and kho samui ext.

And to Ankor nearly 1.5 hour flight from bangkok.

Enjoy more thing... if you are afraid of monsoon time, Nov - Jan are usually the nie time of the year...with a bit of cooler weather and yet sunny !! : )
the monsoon is no problem here, you just get wet once in a while, but it is always hot.... from Bangkok closest islands are koh samed and koh chang, .... from koh chang you can easily travel on to cambodja, it is close to the border...
Thailand is hot all year round, coolest nov-jan, hottest around now. beaches good all year round, Cambodia, can fly direct or take overland route if you are open to a adventure, depends on the border you cross, my nearest border is in Surin and onward to Ankor by taxi ,bike or bus,
Hey!First i would like to say "Welcome to Bangkok" you can come to visit here anytime but Around June to September, it's rainy season so it's quite boring if you stuck in your room because of rain. So the best period is around early of October till the end of May (Winter and Summer time here).
dont let the rain put you off, there is plenty to do if it does rain, bang saen is 1 hr from bangkok and nice thai resort.
Heja Bayron
Welcome to Thailand.
Upon your question of the best time would be Nov (Dec/prices) Jan and Feb. Sure from now on till Sept/Oct
we fancy the monsoon season - which doesn't mean, that it
rains all day long - on the other hand some days its pouring down to get drowned !!!!
For beaches you have choices: the Eastern Seaboard from
Bang Saen down to Pattaya / Sattahip, the ChaAm, Hua Hin area, not to forget all famous islands .... ;-D
Angkor Wat is in Cambodia. According to (other) experts
you should invest about 1 week to realize, that Angkor at
its highest "civilization" had the size of today's Paris.
Get yourself best ideas out of the internet, you'll find
averything. Good luck
Have a look at the website of: if you want to fly to Cambodia. I think the flights are cheaper than the bangkok air flights. Here on Koh Samui the weather is generally fine during june/july. it might be raining each day for some short time, but I would be amazed if it would be raining for dyas.
February to april is the best period july and august not so bad but ith more rain bye
It is too hot to come now. Monday is predicted to be 44 degrees celcius.
Yes June and July is in the rainy season, but it shouldn't affect you too much.
Be prepared, plan in advance and bring an umbrella.
Maybe some boats won't run to some islands and it might flood somewhere, but at least it will be cooler.

Failing that, wait until October, when it will be dry and still relatively cool.
hey there. yes it will bee rain a bit every day but is like a shower and after 20 min will end. but is a nice time for you to come over because there are not so many tourist here so nice and not so expensive for you.the best time is sure from january till april! and also august till oktober....then the rain start in november again! ig you don't have kids come in low saison is nice and much better!
nice beaches next to BKK is sure KOH SAMET........there you can relax very well just don't go there an many peaple from BKK an weekend ther!
so i hope you will have a great time in thailand.
yes is raining a bit but not much and not long time! the best time is sure from januar-april....and from august-september -oktober depend where you want go. exapt november and half dezember is all year nice to come to thailand! but low saison is very nice and not that full so nice to travel and not so expensive!
near BKK you can go to KOH SAMET.........nice island to relax and not so fahr!
August to October is probably the best time to visit. Much less tourists and much cooler. The rain is tropical and monsoon makes it sound really "heavy". The rain comes and goes and will always be a welcome relief from the heat.
Angkor Wat ruins is +- 320km from Bangkok.
In between the rain , hot sunny days. The rain is welcome as it does cool things down a bit.
Also the Angkor Wat in Siem Reap is about an hour's flight from Bangkok.
It is not monsoon in June and July on the east coast - we live and work as dive instructors here on Koh Tao - a small island off the east coast and the weather is the best at this time of year here.

Angkor - if you leave in the morning you will be there around sundown.

if you come to Koh Tao - get intouch
Songkran, thai new year is a really good time if you like to get very wet in very hot weather April 13,14,15th november to january is a bit cooler but very nice,can get quite cold at night.....beaches near Bangkok inc Pattaya and surrounding areas Rayong,Ban phe,koh samet island is very nice all under 4 hours away
Hi, I'm not tour guide from Thailand. I have been to Thailand 4 times in different months (Sept. March, April, June). My own experience says the best time is Sept. you will get all rain (not heavy) and cool weather.
Beaches in Bangkok: you need to visit Pattyya, most beautiful beaches are there, go for a ride on a speed boat to 15 mint Iceland where you will be enjoying allot.
Better come September to January.
Beaches are all around Thailand. Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi are the best places for ur all activity.
Angkor 1.5 hrs flight from BKK. u will enjoy the trip..
Don't miss the full moon party!
Best time to visit Thailand is from November - March.
Cool to do in BKK is of course the Colors of Bangkok excursion.
have a look at


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