how many ibas are there in kenya and how is every ibas managed?


Country: Kenya


there are 60 ibas in kenya,they are managed individually by associations in particular areas.
We have quite a number of the about 57 or so,they include, Nana river delta,shimba hills,Gede ruines Nationa monument,Arabuka-sokoke forest,Diani forest in south of Mombasa among many others.In this ibas am sorry to note that there is quite a number of birds that due to too much human activities are becoming extinct species.this birds include,Turaco,spotted ground thrush,Southern banded fish eagle,plain backed Sunbird among many other spices

The major factor that are affecting ibas in Kenya is human activities such detraction of forest and vegetation at large,farming,over grazing among other factors.the Govt is taking action by creating various association to deal with this threats.This groups include Nature Kenya and a group of volunteers known as SSG's (Site support groups).

I hope you find this helpful...All the best.

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