What gifts can I get from Israel for friends back home?

I am planning to visit Israel and want to know what soveniers I can get there for my friends back home. I am interested in gifts that are not too expensive,but are special and remind them of Israel.


Country: Israel


it depends- on your vacation area
if it is near haifa you can go to -osefia-
it is an druzen vilige near haifa they have all king of stuff very cheap with labeles of israel or jerusalem
or peace (nice things like the blessing of the house or
nice small gifts)
You can get an olive wood art craft or a t-shirt with an israeli inscription
Sergio -
you can get anything from diamonds to postcarsds like in any other tourist country.
T shirts with Israeli/Jewish/Christian writing in Hebrew (like coca cola or and football team in Hebrew), Art, jewlwry, religious objects, Arab style objects, and even trinkets mostly made in China !!!
Most of these things are common and can be found anywhere. At the hotel gift shop they will be more expensive. In the local markets in Jerusalem, Acre, Eilat and Tiberius - better prices.
A special gift is the " Rose of Jericho " or jewelery with a small dessert plant that opens when put in water for some seconds .
This is a very unique gift , you can have a look at the following website
Probably the best thing to do is just keep an eye open while you are here, there are so many different things that are special and meaningful.
It depends where you plan to travel and what your friend would like. Gifts can range from a bottle of Galilie olive oil, to a piece of craft from the old city in Jerusalem, it could be a nice T-shirt, or even a bottle of holy water.
Try to be creative while walking around.. and then always buy off the tourist hotspots.

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