I'm planning to visit Tokyo with my teenage sons. Can you suggest any hi-tech cyber theme park for them to visit?

My sons are crazy about anime,PS2 and hitech computer stuff. Is there any place in Tokyo for them to visit to get an exposure to all this?


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Akihabara is the place to go in Tokyo for the majority of electronics and computer stuff. Here are a few links to familiarize yourself:

For anime, The Ghibli Museum is a terrific place to visit. It is a great place for fans of Miyazaki Hayao. Here is the link:
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I agree that Akihabara is the place to go for what your kids are interested in. Unfortunately, there aren't any cyber theme parks that you mention, but most of Japan is a cyber theme park in itself. I would disagree with our Indian friend who suggested Disney parks, unless your sons are into Mickey and Co. If they are, that is a great place to visit.
My teenage son and his friends love to go to "Round 1" to play many diffirent kind of games and have fun. One in Tokyo is in Itabashi(7min. walk from Shimura 3chome Sta. on Toei Mita subway line), and next one close to Tokyo area is in Daishi, Kawasaki, Kanagawa(0min walk from Sangyo- Doro Sta. of Keihin Kyuko Line).

This place has amusement floor, Spo-cha(sports related game machines) floor, medal game machines floor, bowling floor, karaoke floor.

At Spo-cha floor, which is boys favorite, you need to pay for time usage, and they have package for 90min or 3hours. For 90min is JPY880 per student, JPY1080 for adults, and for 3hours, JPY1200 and JPY1500 on weekdays. This allow you to play any games whithin Spo-cha floors without extra charges, as much as you want.

Here is the link to their multilingual leaflet :

Hope above is helpful.
The combination of Odaiba and Akihabara might be good for that. Since Akihabara is the originate of the anime culture.
Odaiba itself is like a theme park where you can enjoy shopping and sight. You shouldn't miss Sony Mediage,

Have a nice trip to Tokyo
Unfortunately no. Nothing of any great quality. Besides a small house-sized museum or two put on by artists, there is no real anime theme park. It alludes me as to why, though. What an untapped market.

But yes, the Gibli museum and for little kids (especially girls) is Sanrio Puro-land, a Hello Kitty and pals theme park. Besides that, just go shopping in Akihabara for the tech experience. Odaiba has a space museum, but nothing like the States would have.
Make sure to visit the Sony building in Ginza to see the latest gadgets. Also they might be interested in Sega Joyopolis in Odaiba. It's kind of a hi-tech theme park. Here is a link to a blog about it.....
I agree with Jim, I've never been but Joypolis by SEGA seems pretty fun:

I mean, it's by a computer games company and it's an amusement park in a very tourist shopping area Odaiba, probably worth a try.

Not high tech but in Tokyo not too far out or themed (like Disney land or Sanrio) is Tokyo Dome City Amusement Park
Never been there either but may be worth a look.

The English site has far less content than the Jap one but... the basics are there.

Also high tech... Akihabara may be the place to go but any large Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera has the most up-to-date stuff from the Jap giants like Sony, Panasonic. Could be a fun window-shop to touch these products.

For weird tech or just general lifestyle and hobby goods check out any Tokyu Hands. They have very creative and quirky things.

Hope you have fun with your kids!
The Miraikan on Odaiba island is a really cool technology museum. Lots of interactive stuff, and they have a Terminator exhibition on now.

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