Is it possible to rent an house near the beach for 1 month? where are the best spots? #localyte #Vietnam


Country: Vietnam


My answer is yes. Vietnam is along the sea so alot of beaches: Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, Danang...
To rent a house for a month you need contact the local, owner in adavance.
any where on the beach or near by you can rent the house
any where on the beach or near by you can rent the house
In Vietnam the beach is never far away. best places are Mui Nea, Nha Trang, Danang, Vung Tau, and there are many lesser known places with beaches too. Houses for rent are available in most. Most people find it easier, and often cheaper, to stay in a hotel, which usually are cheap in comparison to western countries. Advantages of a hotel are that there is no contract to arrange, payment is usually made at the end of your stay, meals can be negotiated to be part of the fee, and maid service is usually included.
Nha Trang and Mui Ne are the best places where you can rent a house to enjoy your Holiday. Easily find one when you get there!
G'luck and happy travel!
Mui Ne and Nha Trang are probably the easiest for that and the services/amenities will be better; however, you should be able to do it in most beach communities. A local contact like a guide or travel agent could best assist you with this. Probably better to arrange it upon your arrival. Good luck!
yes normally no problem
look the ads and con tact the owner
normally you have to givwe one month deposit

but in vietnam hotels are so cheap
Hi, Vietnam is the country of beaches. Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Mui Ne' are well-known places. Mui Ne' was just voted to be one of the 20 most beautiful resort complex in the world. Nha Trang is a member of the club of most beautiful bays in the world. I would recommend you to stay in a Hotel in Nha Trang, somewhere in Tran Phu' street, where the beach is just a few steps away.
In Hue, Lang Co beach, Nivanar Resort are the places that I would suggest. So if you are coming to Hue, let me know I can help arrange the accommodation for you.
My question is avaible. You have to contact with the owner in local where you want to. Let me know which beach you like. But sometimes, a house will be not comfortable, not nice, not romantic, however maybe if you are lucky man.
Easy to rent a place for a month in Nha Trang, even good deals with minihotels ...
Yes, you can rent o hourse or a parment when you arrival or book berfore your coming! Vn has a lot of beautiful beaches, so it is easy for you to chose a hourse near the beaches. nice vacation
There are some appartments for rent in Hoi an, for a 1 month perid. $300 including internet and air conditioning.
Danang is more tricky as there are only big houses, so more expensive.
You can able to rent an house near the beach for 1 month. I know 1 place in the Phan Thiet. find more information here . Have good days
You can rent a house for 1 month or longer. It depend on where you want to go and it will be easy or difficult to find. Some nice spots are Da Nang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Vung Tau...
YES, you can rent a house near the beach. I highly recommmend Nha Trang seaside city is best if you are fond of beach activities. There's heaps of things to do in here. Aside from the sun-kissed beach for sunbathing and swimming, you can enjoy island tours and scuba diving off islands.

Price for renting a house near the beach may range from USD 400 to USD700 depending on location and condition.

Hope this info helps!

Have good time
I would say it is possible to rent a house in any of Vietnam's beach resorts. The best spot would definately be Phu Quoc island. Maybe Nha Trang or Mui Ne. Unless you are into being very Vietnamese and going to Do Son(in the north) or Vung Tau(in the south).

Renting houses in Vietnam isn't that hard. Take the first nights in a hotel and ask around. Ask the hotel staff, the motorbike drivers and walk around and look for "Nha Cho Thue" signs. It sounds like a piece of cake I know, which it ofcourse isn't but if you have some patience I know you will soon find something...

Check out online pages like and (look for ads under "Bat Dong San - Cho Thue" (which is real estate for rent).
You may well rent a house in Ho Chi Minh city and get a bus to the beach. Don't get me wrong but 1 year renting is way in your hand, not to mention 1 month:) It's really easy.
If you just want to have a holiday, Danang will be the best place for you. Beaches of Danang are rank top 5 of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Services at Danang are good with the reasonable price. Moreover, renting house at Danang is quite cheap and easy. However, if you don't want to stay in a house, you can stay in the hotel with the reasonable price without any contracts.
This is per month for a long-term lease. Landlords here DO NOT like short term leases ... they much prefer the security of at least 3 months, preferable 6 months or more!
Sure for it, my friends are from Croatia, they just rent a 1st floor at 285 USD/ month (there are 2 bedrooms and 1 living room with kitchen area). It's very nice!
There are a lot of room/ house for rent in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.
Nha Trang is probably the best for nightlife and beaches, jungle beach is just 60km north. Mui Ne is a little quite, with nice beaches and finally Vung Tau, the closest to Ho Chi Minh City quiet during the week then everybody heads down at the weekend, although the beaches arent that nice.
okie lah! Why dont you visit Phu Quoc island whose beaches rea long, sunny, beautiful. U can come and get a contact from tourist agent to get a house for rent. it is not that much to spend your time in Phu Quoc.
Yes. Nha Trang is a big city with a beautiful beach and lots of action, bars/pubs/restaurants and much more. Phan Thiet is more relaxed and quiter
yes you can rent a house near the beach for 1 month or even more! vietnam has beautiful beaches like vungtau, muine, nhatrang, quinhon, hoian, hue,.. and so on! you need to contact the local or the owner of the house in advance!
It is possible to rent a house near the beach for 1 month or more. The best spots are Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Vung Tau.
You can go to Nha Trang, Vung Tau or Phan Thiet but it is rarely house near the beach and it's quite expensive, you can book a room close to the beach
If you decide to spend time on the distinguished beaches on Phu Quoc island, please let me know.
Hi there,

The main thing is what time of the year you want to stay? If from March to September, it should be Danang City as apart from beach you can easily do day trip to ancient town of Hoi An and to Hue, Vietnam's old capital.

There is a house for rent in Danang, which costs USD 150 for 30 days.

Please feel free to contact me at should you need further information.

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Rent an house near Danang beach about 200-250usd

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