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It is said that he might be king Ramsis II
but ofcourse nothing can be affirmed
sure there is no an exactly answer for that but the nearest one ramsis II.cause in his mumi they found some salty water in his lung,and as we all read in religion boxes that pharaoh is dead in the red sea
Who is Pharaoh? This matter of great controversy, but must in the end have to choose and less likely, we have chosen based on several things, Egypt was a family, Egypt was the controller in the form of families, families Ancient Thirty families, from the first family of Mena united the two countries came up the Persian invasion and Alexander the largest and ended ancient Egypt and civilization of the pharaohs, Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, who built the pyramids were from the Fourth Dynasty, the Hyksos were in the family, the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth, this is the time entered into by the Prophet Joseph Egypt, all families that previously had been not from Pharaoh, Moses, the time between Yousuf and Moses, four hundred years, so Moses came in the Nineteenth Dynasty, Vfron of the rulers of the Nineteenth Dynasty. The rulers of the Nineteenth Dynasty were Ramses I, who ruled for two years, and Seti I, who ruled for ten years, but the story of Moses was fifty-five years, the pharaoh the only one who reigned for sixty-seven years is a complete Ramses II, and this view is often the only who claimed divinity clearly said I am your Lord (Top) (Conflict: 24) and claimed that the god Ra was the father and he became a god Ra and wrote this on the temples.

We have started Ramses II rule well, and the battle of Kadesh, which defeated them, and expanded the Kingdom of Egypt with great force, but it changed after that, injustice and denial, murder and imprisonment of the children of Israel in a big prison, Fissedna Abraham and Jacob and Joseph had them freedom of movement and mobility, but the Pharaoh injustice towards said to them: It is prohibited to get out of Egypt, said that of Moses? (To send us the Children of Israel) (poets: 17) Why imprison them in this big prison? Are not they the guests of Egypt! Let them out of Egypt.
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According to a lot of studies some of them are really serious the Moses Pharaoh is one of tow:
1- Ramses the second
2- Merenpetah ( His son )

Till the moment no one no evidence can affirm or decide it exactly.

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I agree that the evidence is too scant to scan!

Ahmed Seddik

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