We are going to South Korea! What adapter and or converter do I need to power my laptop and hairdryer?


Country: South Korea


Korea works on 220-240 Volts with round pegs on the adapter.

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Thank you, that was very helpful!
Korea uses 220 and 240 voltage. So, bring a voltage converter that plugs into 220 or 240 outlet. It should have two rounded prongs. The output should be for 110 or 120 voltage. I use a converter for my laptop computer and other devices with a 240 voltage regulator that outputs to 120 voltage and have done so for many years. I hope that you enjoy your visit to Korea and tell many people how you enjoyed your stay. I am originally from Orange County (Anaheim), Class of '59.
usually 220v almost everywhere. We don'n use 240v . really strange.
bring univerasl adapter.
Korea operates on 220 voltage. Plug adapters can easily be purchased here. Some hotels may provide them. You'll need a converter if your laptop doesn't have a switch to convert.

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