Do you know whats the best time to travel to Italy?


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Thanks for your question! Italy is always pleasant and beautiful! Most people love to visit Italy in spring between april and June but septenber and October are good too.
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Nancy Aiello
I think the best time to visit is October. the weather is just fantastic and the colors start to change. Avoid August in the cities.
You are asking which is the best season to visit Italy.
I am obliged to say “it depends”.
It depends on the kind of tour you are planning to do. If you desire to visit some seaside or mountain resorts, but also if you would like touring through the beautiful Italian countryside I shall recommend you to come in late spring, summer or even early autumn; whereas to visit the art cities like Florence or Venice the best time to come is from late autumn to the end of winter: from the beginning of November until April otherwise you will have to visit these splendid cities at the time when they are extremely crowded. I am talking about towns with less than half million people living in them and with an average of 8-10 millions of tourist visiting them every year and mostly concentrated in summer.

Ugo Primadei
tourist guide of Florence, Italy
well, i am writting you from rome and all the year it is nice to come to rome. in order not to have so many tourists, i would suggest november or december....before christmas...very nice, not to many people and you can do shopping too. the very high season is april, may, september and october

September and October are a vey good time to visit Italy

depending very much on what you want to see. If you are interested in the city of art like Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome, Naples and Palermo, the best time is MAR/APR/MAY/JUN and SEP/OCT.
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In our area (Tuscany), I would suggest May ( even if a little bit crowded..), June, September and the first half of October.
For sightseeing, nature and to evoid the most overcrowded periods: late april, may, early june, september and october. Even if you'll find lots of student-bodies in late april and early may, you can easly survive buying tickets in advance and planning your time-table.
Best time for visiting Italy is late spring and early autumn with the weather at its mildest and the crowds at a minimum!
i think the most closer period when u should visit is the midle-end of that it will be great to visit many city and also mountains and sea side is amazing in this not italian but i ve visit it many times and i prefer late spring,begining of summer...have a nice Holiday!
Depending on your interests and where will you visit. I think Italy it's beautiful all year around. However longer daylight and warm weather makes me prefer spring and early summer. I like August for Rome because there isn't much traffic and most residents are away on holidays, which makes the city more pleasant. But places other than big cities are packed as in Italy people go on vacation in August.
Depending on your interestings.....But if you want traval around Italy from May to Oct. is perfect.......

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