I would be visiting the east coast of USA for a month. Are they any pre paid cards which will make the use of transportation to move... and around the US cheaper and easier?


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Any transportation cards would be on a city by city basis. Otherwise you'd need to take a bus, a train, rent a car to get from to these cities.

In New York City you may buy a daily, weekly or monthly pass for the subway and bus. You may buy a monthly for the Long Island Railroad. There is always walking, which is free, available, weight reducing, a boon for your heart and within your control. I walk a lot.
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Exactly what Susan said. Unfortunately the US does not have an affordable nation transportation system like that of other countries. You will either have to fly, rent a car or go by train that is not high speed and really not that cheap. If you plan out your trip ahead of time you can get some hotel and rental car packages though.
Amtrak offers some discount packages for travel by passenger train. Some involve planning your itinerary when you buy the pass, others are more flexible. Go to and see what they are offering.
Amtrak and Greyhound offer system passes good for varying periods of time. There are student passes as well.

Individual cities (NY, Boston, Chicago, SF) offer discounted transportation passes also.
Most of the major airlines offer credit cards. I am not sure about "prepaid" cards, but you can always ask. The stated benefit of these cards is that you can get rewards points that will give you free services, tickets or items. I understand it's difficult to accumulate enough points for a free ride, but some people seem to be able to do it. Ask the bank that offers the card about points and interest and other fees. The USA does not have a nationwide system of transportation for which you can purchase tickets like a Eurail pass. You could also ask the car rental companies, like Budget, which is part of Sears and in the past accepted Sears credit cards.
when i was traveling from NY to DC i've taken the china bus... it normally stops in chinatown of the certain city.maybe you should check out ...
thank you!!
You can buy unlimited ride passes from the national rail passenger network (), but prices are high and service is very limited, outside the busy Washington-Baltimore-Philadelphia-New York-New Haven-Providence-Boston corridor. Outside this corridor, schedules are often highly unreliable.

Greyhound, the national coach line, offers unlimited passes for a variety of time periods (). Service is frequent and the route network is extensive, though amenities are scant. The prices make sense only if you travel every two or three days. Canada is included, by the way.

If you have a specific itinerary in mind, you should check fares available on discount airlines like Southwest () or Jet Blue ().

For the cheapest possible travel, there are "Chinatown buses," coaches that run between Asian-American communities in Northeastern cities. They are crowded and leave from and arrive in inconvenient locations, but their fares cannot be beat -- right now, $20 from New York to either Boston or Washington. Originally designed to serve Asian immigrants, Chinatown buses now draw large numbers of budget-minded tourists. I should note, however, that, while tens of thousands of passengers have traveled uneventfully with these companies, they have a significantly higher accident rate than their pricier competitors.
yes there are cards that you can pre pay but they go city by city and you can usually pick them up at most train stations or you can even have them mailed to you in advance and they get activated with the first use. getting those cards are very helpful but you might want to look into how public transportation is set up in relation to what you want to do.

in some us cities it is easier to drive than it is to depend on public transportation. most southern cities it is hard to travel around via public transportation. Cars are better. for the east coast it is a good idea from boston all the way down to DC after that i would drive.
i can drive you around i my car my gas $75/hr

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