Hello. I love sea turtles and am planning a visit to Costa Rica to volunteer with the turtles. I didn't buy my tickets yet or put any... down. I was planning to join a volunteer group called Friends of the Osa ( Does anyone know anything about this group? I read a few mixed reviews on facebook, but haven't found anything else. I saw some posts here mention 2 programs- Pretoma ( and Tortuga Feliz (…). If anyone has thoughts on a worthwhile and affordable volunteer program, please let me know :)


Country: Costa Rica


u can come and saty here and there is a conservation sosity here. here is the site

we have cheap long term stays and ten min walk to bech. can pick up from airport ie libera is the cheapest.
Hi there..!! Depends of WHEN you can come down here, you could find a suitable project for you..
In the Caribbean the nesting season runs from beginning of March through to the end of July each year for Leatherback turtles, and from June to November for Hawksbill sea turtles.
In the Pacific coast (Osa and Ostional), Olive Ridleys can be found nesting throughout the year, Leatherback and Black sea turtles usually nest between September and February.
I recommend you check these websites..

We here at Anamars-ecotours work with Ecology projects International.On their turtle programs here in Costa Rica.If you go to my profile page and click on my web site it will lead you to how we and E.P.I. work in that area.There are many links on my site to Turtle consv. projects and other programs as well.Also in June is great turtle projects on the Nicoya penninsula in Ostional Costa Rica.
Once again check out our site.We can help more if needed just ask.
hello if you want to be a volunteers in sea turtle conservation I can recomed the Caribean Conservation Corporation based in Tortuguero where the biggest season for sea turtles start in July trought October thats the time when green sea turtles and hawkbill turtkes gets there also if you have luck maybe you can see leatherbacks and olive turtles. also you can check their web

I know the Freinds of the Osa (I live here) is a very responsible group and you can be safe with theme since they have a great reputation internationaly and localy, I personaly know the Osa director of FOO and I could give you his contact...

PRETOMA is leading turtle conservation in Costa Rica I can get you in touch with the director if you wish.

For the specific subject of turtles PRETOMA is more focus on it. Friends of the Osa is builging the project here (Pretoma is helping), so basically, joining PRETOMA would be like going into a program that is already set, FOO would be more a matter of helping to built solutions, I would encourage you to talk to Randall form PRETOMA and Guido from FOO... send me a private message trouhg this site and I will send you the contact for both of theme.
This group try to protect the Penisula de Osa environment (wonderful place). One of the most famous Costarican (the astronaut Franklin Chan, the musicians group Editus) take part of this group.

If you want to help the costarican turtles you can ask to the Ostional National Park. It is the most famous and biggest place where the Leatherback Turtles nesting every year.

Good luck and many thanks, we need more people like you!!!!!!!


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greetings. ive read about at least one of these, and from what i could tell, they offer tours that are considered a donation for the week. around $1400 inclusive to some extent. unfortunatley, there are none in my area, so i wont be of much help.
I'm Makeena from "the sunshine republic" Trinidad and Tobago. Last year and the year before we had record numbers for Leather Back turtles in one area. I hate to impose but the up close and respectful encounter you can get with these turtles for the smallest price imaginable is definitely here. Did I mention they're almost extinct. Click on the link below, it'll help with the facts.

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