Be going to Singapore for a 5-day holiday. How much will I be able to spend on food and transportation?

I plan to eat at food courts and fast food restaurants and ride the MRT and bus. I'll be going around the city for 5 days. How much will I spend (average)???


Country: Singapore


A meal at a fast food restaurant is about 6-7 bucks and food courts would be from 3-5. So for a day you will need around 20 Singapore dollars for food. Hawker centers are cheaper 2-4 dollars for a meal.

For transport 10 dollars should suffice for a day. There is a concession travel pass for tourist, you pay a certain amount and get a certain amount of trips per day which is cheaper. you can inquire at any MRT stations.

I would say 30 dollars a day is more than enough if you know where to look.

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