Anyone out there with advice on getting a guide to tour Machi Picchu vs. doing it yourself with guidebooks/map? If you had a guide,...

...what did you pay for the service and how long was the tour? thanks for any info.


Country: Peru


In Aguas Calientes there is a Hotel & Restaurant Rupa Wasi.
There you can ask to contact Wagner the local guide.
Some of the stuff I have heard from guides are rather ridiculous but they make our experience interesting since what you would be hearing are tales that the locals really believe. I suggest you read some literature about the places you want to visit and buy your tours when you get to Cusco-Peru, this Localite will help you get around town and get the best deal for your money, around 300 dollars for a decent couple of days.
carlos Carbajal
Those are not necessarily exclusive. You should read up on Machu Picchu (Peter Frost, Gibaja, Reinhart) and on the Incas (Murra, Hemmings...)and you could also hire a guide for the local, on the ground knowledge. Many local guides make up stories they think tourists want to hear. But some are pretty serious. I recommend Guido who can be contacted in Aguas Calientes at 984719784. Good luck.
When you get there you'll see lots of guides offering their services. I went with 10 friends to Machu Picchu and we payed 30 soles (10 US dollars) each I remembered. The tour is around 2 hours and it's good if you do it with a local guide, they know some special stuff that are not printed on the books. After you do the tour, you'll have time to spend the other part of the day going around the ruins with guidebooks. If you depart from Cusco at 7am you'll get to Aguas Calientes around 10.30 and if you inmediately take the bus to Machu Picchu, you'll be there at 11. So you'll have several hours until 5pm to look around by yourself.

Have fun! Good vibes!
Actually, there are many guidebooks that gives u a huge sort of information an also tips, I would be impossible to give u all of them by here, but like other localyters said, that's a good option. Feel free to contact me if u have some questions! Have a nice trip.
Take a guide, its muuch better. Ussually guide books are not updated or have an specific point of view, and its never the local people pint of view. Asking around you will find some options depending on you budget.
get a tour guide
I can recommend using a guide. Rene Sarayasi is a very good one. He takes you around for 4 to 5 hours, explaining everything and then you can wander through the site, visit the Inca bridge, the sun gate or just sit down and ejoy the views. It makes the experience much more interesting. His phone number is: +51 (0)84 984 728639. Good luck and enjoy, I am sure you will!!!
i recommend you tu get a tour guide to machupichu, because this is the most atractive place in peru so every tourist want to go there, so its difficult to find an hotel, tickets for the trainm etc. The tour guide will help you to make your reservation. =) see you. machupichi is an awesome place you will feel an speciall energy XD!
Machu Pichu is not only a historical place. Nobody really knows the true history of it, so all than you can hear are only tales, But it is still a magnetic and energetical place, so all this energy must only be dicovered but yourself. If you only have few days (two or three) take the normal train from Cuzco stay in Agua Calientes enjoy the spring waters, wake up early take you guide book of Machu Pichu and go up, by yourself, Look for a place far away from the touritic groups and discover Machu Pichu. Feel the energy that the place display. Walk unshoe and once you are with enough energy clim up Huayna Pichu, calm and slowly turning your head to enjoy the views. I think that is the best way to be in Machu Pichu.
With a tour guide would be much easier to understand Machu Picchu if that is your porpose to get there,otherwise go on your own.

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Escorted Tours in Cusco Peru
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Both are good options. Decide which suits you the best.
Usually books and maps don't answer questions and don't give an interesting conversation.
A live guide would be more comprehensive helpful and interesting perhaps provinding some extra tips from his secret personal experience.
What is paid for the service is much less than the tip you give in a resturant in the US. So, pay as much as you can it won't be a big deal.
Definetly take a guide. Find at least the cheapest or make a basic tour. You can do it your sel also depnds 25 dollars i think is ok for a guide.
hello, u can do it by yourself, u can book the ticket by internet () to go from cusco or ollantaytambo to aguas calientes, is better if go from ollantytambo coz the way is shorter, u can take a bus or taxi (30 soles) to go to ollantaytambo,u ca stay 1 night in aguas caliente and there buy the ticket to macchu picchu (120.50 soles, for students is the half price) and the ticket to go up by bus (around $9). on the ruins u can find a guide (20 soles each person) and make a little group to do the tour. the tour is like 2 hours but u can stay inside the ruins if u want, I hope the information will have been useful

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