What is the current Rhino population index in Kenya under the current CITES appendix one survey done in Ngulia rhino sanctuary


Country: Kenya


Hello Alex,
I Personally do not have the exact figure of the black Rhino population in Maasai Mara, but i have written to the senior Warden to send me the figures.As soon as i get this i will relay the same message to you sir.

I like your spirit for conservation & interest you've taken in this question if you can pinpoint the answer after your research i think your on the road to becoming a professional guide for a tip do get the emphasis of the question based on sample statistic derived from Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary in Tsavo West then do the tallying of Mara & Nakuru National park we get the appropriate estimate
Hi Alex

I believe from my last trip to Mara this year that there are only approximately 20 Black Rhinos in the Park as some were driven out by development of new hotels/lodges. There used to be approximately 40 rhinos before the development and half of them were forced to leave the Mara to travel to Serengeti due to losing their breeding grounds.
I think your answer your answer sounds appropriate for Mara Game reserve Biosphere Ecosystem I like your research points which are logic &specific approximate but my question was with special Emphasis on Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary situated in Tsavo West which is the core specific Sanctuary for Rhino Conservation followed By Lake Nakuru then Oljogi Private Ranch & Mara if you can dwell on this statistical censures then your on the right track keep it up

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