Which time of the year is best to travel to Morocco?

I'm planning to travel with my friends from Canada. Which is the best time to travel to enjoy our tour best?


Country: Morocco


springtime is the most fabulous time, from february to mai. Summer is very hot and automn is very beautiful too. Around xmas nights are cold, but days clear and sunny. Anyway, in my guesthouse, you feel well the whole year: . For any questions, please don't hesitate to contacte me. Sunny regards from Marrakech, Beate
it's high time to come the weather is so good ..from april till augost..excepte of u are looking for visiting okaimden and ifran cause the glass melt away....
it's high time to come the weather is so good ..from april till augost..excepte of u are looking for visiting okaimden and ifran cause the glass melt away....
it's high time to come the weather is so good ..from april till augost..excepte of u are looking for visiting okaimden and ifran cause the glass melt away....
i want to tell that our country morroco still the best any time of the year but personnaly i prefer travling at summer duo to number of service gifted at this time there so many places in morocco which you will like i garantue you that you will enjoy your tour at this time of year
you may come in the months: 2;3;4;5;6 are all nice, and the weather is so funny and very very nice, you will enjoy the time, i am sur that you will not regret.ok
According to me, all seasons are appropriate (except July/August: too croudy)
Now, you may choose according to what you want to see (Mountains, Sea, Desert, Cities,...). If you want all then Septemer to May may be best.
The springtime and the summer is the best time to come. If you need us to organize your trip, join our group or send us an email with all details, we'll take care of you and give the best of Morocco:

Marrakesh Hospitality Service:
May june, weather is not too hot, and september october are fine too. Think that this year, you will have Ramadan time, mid August to mid september, so a lot of things will be closed,opening time of many place will change,but it is a huge moment of mueslim life that you can appreciate too.
I agree with you guys! The spring is the just great to travel in, but also the summer!! I just came from a business trip with a group of tourist and they had just a great time in Morocco!!
Hello! I think during all seasons is great to visit Morocco depending the parts you want to go. The desert is better until june, avoid july and agoust. If you want snow in the high mountais choose winter.I live and work in the desert , region of Merzouga. You are welcome here. you can do a lot of things here. would like to advice you to do this things in the desert:

- Rissani (visit museaum Ksar el Fida, Moulay sherif
monument, old kasbahs, the oldest souk;

- Merzouga and the desert (sleep on a hotel in the
dunes and visit khamlia and listen the gnawa musicians,
of merzouga, sleeping in the oasis, ride a camel, make
a tour by 4x4 or quad around the dunes, meet nomads
families make a picnic in the oasis, visit flamingo
lake, listen berber music and much more...ehehhe if
time to all of this!

Keep on touch. i hope we meet in Merzouga desert
All seasons are great to visit Morocco. If you have some problems with the hot weather just avoid travelling here in July or August.
Spring time.
Morocco holidays are thriving like never before and look here to stay. It won't be very long before you will also be bitten by the Morocco bug and would decide on a Morocco vacation. But before you actually land up in the place, it is imperative that you know all about when to go to Morocco. Morocco climate is not actually harsh, but it can be pretty uncomfortable in some seasons for the unaccustomed and the uninitiated.
When To Go To Morocco

Pay heed to your Morocco travel guide. When it says that Morocco summers can be uncomfortable, it is not an understatement. Summers in Morocco can be unbearably hot or uncomfortably sultry, especially in the months of May and June on the Saharan side of the Atlas Mountains. So if you do not want to go down with a heatstroke in your vacations, avoid Morocco in these months.

If you are wondering about the best time to visit Morocco, then give the colder and the wetter months a thought. From around October to April, Morocco experiences cold and wet weather, quite bearable and comfortable especially when you are traveling. However, things might turn out too cold or two damp for comfort in the Atlas Mountains.

The best time to go to Morocco is during the months of July and August. This is the time when the sun won't be beating down mercilessly, nor would the rain play the spoilsport. The weather will be pleasantly cool too. This is also the prime tourist season in Morocco and just before or immediately after this time is when you won't encounter much crowds. So this is also a good time to go to Morocco.

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This is our Travel agancy:
it depend what do you looking for in your vacation.
Beach, mountain, desert, forest or antiques city.
so every period of the year is good to visit morrocco, so don't think too much and come visit us !!!!
well, it is great all year around ! but if you tend to do specific things, here are some major tips to inform you and if you have any real questions get to me on the email adress below:
- summer: high atlas and mid atlas for trekking.seaside for sunbathing and nightlife around Essaouira, tangier, asilah and Dakhla bays.
- Autum: Sarhro and the rose valley, sirwa and of course desert starting from SEPT till May time.
- city tours could be done all year around except August where Fes and Marrakech get really scorching hot! yet spring time reamins the best time to travel around the country avoinding only the peak seasoons...Xmas and Easter!
contact at :
the best time is May,June,september is not very hot and not crowded with can enjoy more the weather and the country at this time of the year.for more information visit my website.
Hi, I am Tim, living in Agadir. A lot will depend on where you want to go, what to do and what to see. Marrakech is a must-visit, but is cold in the Winter and VERY hot in the summer months. The North of the country is cold and wet right through late Autumn to early Spring. Agadir is a beach resort, completely rebuilt since the devastating earthquake of 1960, and has no historical buildings etc but is a great place to chill, 20 degrees C plus in January but not too hot (around late 20's early 30's) in the high Summer. May or June or possibly October would be the best choice for all around weather conditions, but also to avoid the high peak seasonal school holiday crowds.Also it is best to avoid Ramadan (mid August to late September this yearn 11 days earlier each year) and be aware of any other National or Religious festivals that could mean a day or two of business closures.
Hi I'm Giacomo living in the Sahara desert of Morocco.
To come here in sping time or autun You may enjoy the max !!
Bye Giacomo
Wellcome to Morocco.
This country is very nice every time of the year. Allways deppending on what you want to do and the places you want to visit.
The time you have the more equilibrate clima is May, June, Septembre and Octobre.
Good temperatures during the day (even in the desert) and byduring the night we have a pleasant weather.
nice trips
the best moment on teh year it's betuin mai"05" and july "07" because it's not much expensive and there are not much people .
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