Is it possible for an expat to become a Singaporean citizen?

What are the requirements? How long do I need to work there to start applying for a citizenship?


Country: Singapore


Short answer is yes.. It's possible..

Now the long answer..

Basically you have to have lived/worked in Singapore for at least 2 or more years. It would be preferable if you already have a PR or are currently on a PEP (Personal Employment Pass).

There are very specific criteria to become a citizen and Singpaore has a requirement that to hold citizenship you must give up your passport and citizenship status of any other country (eg your home or native country)

For full information with regards to your specific situation I suggest you look at the criteria on the ICA web site and if that fails to help. Pay them a personal visit and get all your questions answered BEFORE putting in an application (as lack of documents or information could invalidate your application).

Good luck and hope it helps
Answer is yes but its a long process.

1st , u must be a P. Q or S pass holder for 2 yrs before you apply for a PR holder. After 2-6 yrs of a PR holder then you can apply for citizenship.

The following categories of people are eligible to apply for Singapore Citizenship:

A person who is at least 21 years of age and has been a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) for at least 2 to 6 years prior to the date of application. An applicant who wishes to apply on his/her own merits may come for a preliminary assessment interview after 1 year of permanent residence.
Spouse of Singapore Citizen with a minimum of 2-year residence as a PR and married for at least 2 years preceding the date of application.

The following categories of foreigners are eligible to submit applications:

Spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years old) of a Singapore Citizen (SC)/Permanent Resident (SPR)
Aged parents of a Singapore Citizen
P, Q or S work pass holders

Hope these infos were answered to your queries.
Hi Christina
Yes it is possible but it is best to become a PR first. You can apply to be a PR after a few months of being here and then i believe you can apply for citizenship after about 5 years of being here. There is no dual citizenship though, you would have to give up your national passport for Singapores.And if you have a son and make him a PR, he will have to do National Service
Definitely. As with the rest of the replies, there is a long process. You can check out the following websites in addition to the ones already listed.
yes..of course.
Singapore is one of the country that want to take in more expat and professional in the various field.
However, you must at least a "S" Pass holder for 2-3years before you can apply for the Permenant resident status and later become the citizen of Singapore.
I hope that this answer to your question, and welcome to singapore.
Figo Loo
In general after being a PR for 5 years you will have substantial eligibility to apply for citizenship. It is better to read up from the site of the authority on this:

Excellent resource for expats to be as well:

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