I'm coming to israel on a tour in Oct. and want to break away from it on Wed. Oct 27 and 28 to go to Petra. I will be in Jerusalem. Best way


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The most efficient way to do it is with a tour company. They'll handle all the border crossing nonsense and logistics. Try . It is theoretically possible to arrange everything yourself and go by bus from Amman, or by shared taxi from Aqaba where you can take a bus to Petra, but this is all very time consuming to arrange. Another option is to get yourself to Eilat, take a taxi to the Jordan border (10 mins) walk across, take a taxi to Petra ..
Option 1: you should have a visa to Jordan then you can cross at Allenby bridge border cross then needs be arranged a transfer to Petra.
Option 2: at the border cross in Eilat in Israel and needs be arrange a transfer to Petra. here you can ask for visa at the site for fee.
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There is really no 'best' way--it's neither easy nor inexpensive.

Best of the worst is to taxi to Dov Field in Tel Aviv, fly to Eilat on the first Arkia flight (Israir also goes), join a 'regular' group tour that operates out of Eilat. Return to Eilat, fly back to Dov Field on last flight of the night, taxi back to Jerusalem.

The 'regular' tours operate on Weds, so that would be the day to do all of this. I recommend Arkia for the flights and tour because this way, everything is coordinated--you won't fall between the cracks. Let me know if you need a booking.

But by the time you pay for all of the travel, plus the tour, plus visa/border fees and tips, you will have spent easily US$700.

IMHO--Jerusalem trumps Petra anytime. My recommendation--stay with your group, enjoy the tour that you've already paid for, and see Petra another time.

Best regards, Nat
In addition to all the correct answers you got from my colleagues you need to know that a tour to Petra starts at 7 am and ends at 7 pm – it means you have to be in Eilat the night before, and you can fly/ get the bus back the end of you Petra tour back to Jerusalem.
Need to know: the city of Eilat is in the south of Israel it needs 4 hours driving from Jerusalem to Eilat, or 45 minutes flying from Ben Gurion airport – but you need to be an hour and a half before flight and 1 hour traveling to the airport - so totally of 3.5 hours.
Flight and busses to Eilat are very very busy and you need to book in advance.
Visa – you should check at the Jordanian Embassy in your country whether you will be able to get in Eilat the "one day visa" at the border. Because some of the countries do no get the "one day visa" and you have to arrange the visa in advance.
It is not complicated you just need to know how it works to prepare yourself.
Enjoy your trip.
Due to a very new regulation by the Jordanian authorities, it will be very difficult to visit Petra on your own. They now require visitors to Petra to go in groups of at least 5 persons - and to employ a Jordanian guide.

In consideration of this new development it would be best to go with an organized group - such as Desert Eco Tours which is very highly recommended. Keep in mind that you have to be in Eilat early in the morning to accomplish this - you can take the "red eye" bus to Eilat which arrives at about 5 am - remember that Egged buses to Eilat require advance reservations.
A trip to Petra involves a trip to Eilat and at least one overnight stay. I would suggest taking a bus or plane to Eilat on the 27th and arranging a trip via a local agent (I use Thru-us Travel). All tours leave between 6:45-7:15 from the hotels in Eilat and return by 7. If you don't want to stay an additional night in Eilat you can either fly to Tel Aviv or take a bus back north. Note that the cost of entering Petra is going up shortly which will increase a daily visit to Petra.
In addition to all of the above a couple of things to note - Petra is AMAZING - you will have a great time! Don't miss it if you have come this far!! and there are a few options for you depending if you want to stay overnight in Jordan or not. Only go with a great tour company - the guides make the experience 10 x better - I use Holit - they are great and will come collect you from airport/bus stop/hotel in Eilat - You are short on time so either consider the egged night bus to Eilat or fly early in the morning. From there you can do a 1 or 2 day trip then fly back to center... Have fun!

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