Can you tell me how much money will I need for a 10 day stay in Chile?

I really want to go to Chile for the summer for 10 days. How much money should I bring? I will be staying at a friends house so accomodations not included!


Country: Chile


it depends if you will stay in santiago or other city, if food or other expenses (bus, etc) but I would say you need 10 - 15 dollars a day
I think that you probably will need more than 15 dollars per day. Obviously it will depend of what kind of food, transportation, and activities you want. But in my opinion you will need at least USD30 per day to have a good time including good food. There are big differences in using the public transportation or taxis, in eating at a "deli" style restaurant or eating at more "fancy" one, and of course the kind of pubs or clubs that you want to visit at night.

From any point of view Chile is cheaper than any developed country in North America, Europe, or Asia. In some things more than in others, but I can not think of something that is more expensive here than there.
I think that you need us50 per day in summer, for travel in stgo or viña del mar, known locations, eating, dancing.
Good Luck!
if you're staying at a friend's house with 30 per day will be more than fine
if you want to tour around, maybe 50

I`m so glad that you`ll visit my beautiful and friendly country. So you wrote that you`ll be here 20 days. You have to calculate about 20 pesos by day so, I would suggest you bring around 200 or 300 mil pesos chilenos,
you can also ask to your friend, to have their opinion. Good travel and enjoy your stay. Regards,
-Hey Lad
-Nice to come over here on summer, pretty hot though, so you´re gonna need cash enough for drinks and stuffs, roughly speaking what you need to rock it out here man is about 233 bucks......with rafting, tours, food and all that stuffs, so jump in dude....
Hi! It is a very good idea to come to Chile during summer vacations!
The money you need... first of all, it depends the place you will visit to, but 20-30m dollars per day will be fine!
but remember... it depends the place and the activities you want to do....

good luck!
It all depends the places and the activities you want to do.
Chile is not a cheap country and being realistic I estimate about U$ 50 per day.
Good luck to you and enjoy.
Hey!! well, summer time is a good time to come to Chile...Are you going to stay in Santiago or else where? If you going to stay in Viña del Mar for example is going to be a little bit expensive than Santiago. I will suggest between 50-70 dollars per day... maybe less, it depends on what would you like to do or where you are going to go.
If you need more directions, don´t hesitate to contact. () Good Luck!
I would say that you need no more than USD 30 per day
specially if you are going to travel winter season
obviously it depends of what kind of a vacation you're planning, if you like good restaurants, pubs and night life, probably your should bring about 40 USD a day, but if you like a more quiet kind of panorama, considering you're staying at a friend's house, with 20 you could do it.
depending on the time of travel:
Summer is a little more face the city and beaches. Not so in winter.
In summer average will be $ 15-20 USD (transportation, food, this does not include tickets to movies, discos and bars, but are not very high entry. So if someone tries to be a reference for not showing increases in consumer prices.

chile enjoy.

bon voyage, cristian.
it dependes where are you travelling. If you are looking to stay un Santiago, you ca find a hostel for 15 USD+ 5 USD each meal, total 25 USD a day.
Patagonia and Atacama is more expensive.

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