Where do i buy electronic gadgets in Bordeaux, France? Need to find an electronic store that sell all sorts of electronics and...

...gadgets in Paris and Bordeaux, France.


Country: France


On the site (all adresses)
I have found 3 results : in 33300 Bordeaux
" Electronic 33 " 3 rue Lucien Faure
"cogedis " 34 bis rue Ferrère
"François" 30 rue notre Dame
They sell radios, tv ...but electronic gadgets I don't know
Look for a FNAC outlet and you can find most of the gadgets/cameras etc there.. and they are present almost everywhere in France with multiple outlets in most large cities..
for all sorts of general gadgets I have always found Conforama very good and they are in most cities. For other specialist things try the yellow pages
Check the Darty stores.

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