Hi all, I am planning a trip to United State on this coming June, where would you suggest me to go among Chicago, Orlando or Houston?...

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I think all three cities are great to visit but would suggest Houston or Chicago because of the diversity of interests. Chicago may be easier to navigate without a car but if you have never been to Texas, Houston would give you a taste of a more wide open type of atmosphere. There is certainly plenty to do in all three cities.
Hi..Thanks for your suggestions!
I would go to Chicago. But it depends on what you like to do. Orlando is more of a sun and fun vacation. This will be very hot month to visit Orlando as well. If you like nice city life with shopping and restaurants then Chicago is your best bet.
Hi..Thanks for your suggestions!
As my colleagues have noted, it depends on what you want, but Chicago offers the widest variety of attractions. It's a very large city with a substantial history, highly diverse ethnic neighborhoods, an excellent and extensive public transit system, magnificent lake-front parks, outstanding architecture, world-class arts institutions (music, theatre, visual arts, dance), and more. And the President thinks of it as his home town.

Houston is the ultimate "Sun Belt" metropolis, typical of the urban agglomerations that dot the southern tier of US states. It covers hundreds of hectares of marsh land (an automobile is an absolute necessity), boasts some striking modern buildings, an adventuresome opera company, some showcases for great modern art (like the Rothko Chapel), several noteworthy restaurants (and lots of great, cheap Mexican food), ostantatiously nouveau-riche suburbs, and lots of air pollution from the nearby oil refineries.

Orlando has two enormous theme parks, several golf courses, but not much else. Both Orlando and Houston, by the way, have hot and humid weather in June -- meaning temperatures around 30 Celsius every day.
Hi buddy, thanks for your suggestions!
Orlando has three major theme park companies, all of which are comprised of many combined parks and an endless supply of minor attractions. Orlando also has tons of shopping and more restaurants per capita than any place I have seen, not to mention it is close to the beaches, Kennedy Space Center and has a thriving arts and cultural scene. Orlando is not what I would call a major metropolitan, but it is know around the world as a top tourist destination, so I guess it is really a matter of preference.
All three cities can be pretty hot and humid in June, but breezes from Lake Michigan in Chicago often help cool down the center city. I would recommend Chicago also because there's great food and architecture, the public transportation is pretty good, and the center city is lively and interesting.

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