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What is the popular university in Australia? How can i join in any public university in Australia?


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Thanks for the question. You have possibly opened a can of worms here, because everyone will have a favourite! There is a wide range of high quality Universities here, and depending on the sort of course you wish to undertake, each will have their own strengths and weaknesses.

I would think your first port of call would be to have a look at the Australian Education Network site which contains a list of all Australian Universities, along with links to each of their websites and international student sites (if they have one). You will see the list is quite extensive, however you can use the site to search by state or city to narrow your search down.

In terms of joining a university, most these days have a wide range of courses and facilities developed specifically for international students. I am not going to go into the finer details here, as it will vary slightly from Uni to Uni, but suffice to say that most Universities are certainly open to enrolments from International students, and in most cases can assist with accommodation either on or off campus.

I hope this information is helpful to get you started at least. I am sure others will be able to add to the information with details on some of the more popular campuses.

Good luck!

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Matt Halloran
Personal Travel Manager
As has already been stated, there are some very good universities in AUSTRALIA, in fact some of them offer world class subjects, especially in medicine.
As was stated already, it really depends upon which facultuy stream you wish to choose.
In the city where I live, we have the University of South Queensland, (USQ) with many overseas students studying a range of faculty disciplines. When they graduate these qualifications are recognised all around the world, which is a good indication of their high standards.

The procedure is as follows:
You will need to apply to a university to get accepted as a student for the faculty you wish to study.
You will then (if accepted) receive and acceptance letter from the university, detailing the course details, commencement date and fee structure.
You will then go to the local Australian High Commission or Australian Embassy to make an application for the student visa, attaching the acceptance letter from the University.
The process will take between 2-6 months in total.

If you need any further information or assistance I am available to help.

Rev. Dr. Jeffry Camm JP
Well, although I am a Sydney University Alumni, from speaking with friends over the years my suggestion would be for you to try Deakin University in Melbourne, Victoria.

Deakin University has become one of Australia's most popular Universities and has a great reputation for providing an excellent and very student orientated education.

But the main reason I suggest Deakin is that it has also become a very popular choice of University for international students.

The following link to Deakin is specifically for international student enquiries, so I hope it helps:
I would probably have to agree with Matt in opening a can of worms there - far too many good universities to pick and choose from and he has provided you with the necessarily links etc - the best I can provide you is if you were to come down to Melbourne based Universities and getting you set up here - house, home, rentasls, furniture and getting arouond on Public Transport or a private car if this is what you want to do . .

let me know If I can assist you there

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