Places that don't appear in Tour Guides not to miss in Tokyo.


City: Edo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


there is an amazing onsen with black water near Musashi sakai on the JR Chuo Line. first you go there then you catch a free shuttle bus to the onsen. the bus takes about 50 minutes. the onsen is really beautiful and because of the water special. have a go
Hmm, if the places were not to miss, wouldn't they be in the tour books? For instance, my guess is that public bath is probably in a guide on Japanese baths somewhere. If you mean Licensed Districts, which we call Redlight Districts in the West, then you should come to the Kansai. A piddly history of a few hundred years, which is all Tokyo has, is not enough to produce a proper Licensed District. However, the Water Trade establishments can also be find in tour books.

Don't mean to be pissy, but seemed like a point worth making.
Tokyo is a huge city so naturally there will be many places that aren't included in the tour guides. For example, you can find traces of old Japan by just wandering some of the backstreets of Asakusa. Asakusa is in the tour guides, but mainly for the temple and the shopping arcade. Also, if you went to venture a little further afield, head out to Kawagoe which is about 40 minutes north of Tokyo. You can get a real flavor for old Japan. Also, Asagaya which is on the Chuo Line, has lots of neat little alleyway type streets with delicious restaurants. Out in Tachikawa there is a huge park that is built on what used to be an American Air Base. It has bike paths (you can rent bicycles) a Japanese Garden, BBQ facilities, a huge kids play area and much more. For pure fun, if you are a baseball fan, I would recommend going to one of the baseball games here. Tokyo Dome is good because it doesn't matter what the weather is outside--the game goes on. Other stadiums are Jingu Stadium and the Seibu Lions Stadium. The Seibu Stadium is kind of hard to get to but is worth it. You can get pretty cheap tickets, too.
Experience local Japanese shopping streets with local stores- in areas such as Musashi Koyama, Jujou Ginza (Akabane). The streets are lined with mom and pop stores, traditional shops, (and a few chain stores like McDonalds and the like in between). Some of the shopping arcades may look run-down, but a real sense of community thrive in these areas.
Experience the quaint Kagurazaka street, a trendy neighborhood lined by numerous cafes and restaurants and little shops. The area has a number of numerous geisha houses still today. In the winding back streets, you can find famous "ryotei" serving kaiseki cuisine, generally regarded as the pinnacle of Japanese food.
The newest train line, Fukutoshin Line station in Shibuya was built by famous architect Ando Tadao.
Tokyo's pretty much part of the tour guidebooks, but I'd recommend eating atop Ebisu Garden Place's Tower.
Well, the East garden of the Imperial Palace is really a great place to visit. It does appear in many guide books but few people go there. It is really worth a visit.
Visit the islands in Tokyo prefecture and go swimming with wild Dolphins!
Even many Japanese don't know this secret place so it is really an insider tip! ;-)
Ito yokado
Don't miss Cherry Blossom at Chidoriga-fuchi of Nihon Budokan on middle of March to early April!!!

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