I have heard a lot about Pernambuco. Can someone fill me in on what activities you can do there?

Where can you stay that is clean, with private bathroom, economical and near the the beach and/or famous sights. Are there any quiet getaways, where you can stay? And approx. how much $? How far is Pernambuco from the nearest big city? What are the modes of transportation?


Country: Brazil


Pernambuco has a lovely coast, if you are a beach person. I think you will love the State...

PLACES LIKE ITAMARACA, MARIA FARINHA, CALHETAS, PORTO DE GALINHAS REGION and the hidden secret of Serrambi will make you convinced that BRASIL IS THE PLACE!!!
As for accomodation, I strongly recommend you to find a nice Pousada in Olinda, it is a very charming historical town next door to Recife, the capital!

Strolling around Olinda will be wonderful and you can explore a lot of interesting areas of Recife.
I know people in Recife who can help you, they are my guides and they are really knowledgeable about the whole area....

If you go to my blog you can read something about them, the link is
If you have facebook you can find me there as RAFA TORRES
Ohhhh do not forget that from Recife you can take a plane and visit our majestic island Fernando de Noronha!!!

It is one of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Brazil
We know some cool tour guides in Olinda who can help you in anything you need in the State of Pernambuco!
I am also from the North East so I know perfectly well that you have to explore the northern cuisine! It is simply wonderful!
Try the go to the southern coast of the State, all the beaches heading to Paraiba are simply breathtaking.

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