What is the easiest way to go about getting a visa upon arrival? I am coming from Seoul, South Korea.


Country: Vietnam


Hi there,
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Hi Colin,
A visa on arrival will always depend upon your nationality and the passport you hold.

I am not aware of any problems coming from Seoul, but at the minimum I would suggest:
a) contact the Vietnamese embassy/diplomatic post from your departure country to ascertain your eligibility for a visa on arrival;
b) have lots of passport-size photos with you;
c) be prepared for it to take 2-4 hours to have your VOA 'approved' at the airport if you are NOT a citizen of an ASEAN country; and
d) quite unusual, but deportations have happened.

Be aware that you MAY need a 'sponsor' for your entry. If so, you can contact me immediately on my VN number: 909 484 743.

If you email me at saigonshane (at) BEFORE your departure, I can guarantee you an entry visa ... but you might have to get yourself into the VN Embassy in Seoul. Sorry if that's an inconvenience.

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