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Montego Bay, Jamaica's famed "Second City," has only been a major tourist destination since the mid-20th century, but it has already taken the crown as the vacation capital of the island. The main reasons for this quick ascension are the city's exceptional beaches, alluring mountains, and variety of attractions. The beaches offer visitors the island's best waters for swimming and other water sports because the bay's geography protects swimmers from rough currents. Doctor's Cave Beach is the most popular area with its white sands, azure coastline, and a plentitude of restaurants and bars. Walter Fletcher Beach draws its share of beachgoers as well, and Rose Hall Beach Club provides an appealing alternative to the crowds. Historic great houses, such as Rose Hall and Belfield, litter the coastal mountains and plateaus, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore a colonial heritage that manifests itself in the city's Old World feel. Visitors focused on bringing home an authentic Jamaican souvenir will enjoy investigating the wares of Montego Bay's street markets, such as the Craft Market and Old Fort Craft Park. If you prefer to avoid frenzied areas altogether and concentrate on relaxation, then several renowned golf courses in the area supply beauty and tranquility in abundance. From elegant dining at the Round Hill Dining Room to dancing and enjoying reggae with the locals at Margueritaville Sports Bar & Grill, Montego Bay provides constant diversity to satisfy your tropical cravings.

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