Please suggest the cities in the border of France and Belgium to visit. I will make a road trip with my friends form Belgium and we...

...will visit Lille. Is there anywhere else to visit? Please recommend.


Country: France


The visits I like:
* the windmill of la Roome in Terdeghem, between Lille and Dunkerque (check demonstration days)
*the Sea museum in Dunkerque with its impressive 3-mast vessel Duchess Ann plus the dunes and the beaches.
* the Gravelines lighthouse
* the Bernicourt Castle in Roost-Warendin
* the Louis Pasteur museum in Lille
... and much more !!!
Valerie from
In Belgium there are Bruxelles and Bruges. In France, yes, Lille is beautiful, but if you have the time, the "Finistère" is really beautiful, it's the west of Brittany, along the cost, the beach, ands rocks, it's quite an impressive view. And there is the western cost, near "Biscarosse", it's all a landscape of pines, etc. Really typical ! Enjoy your trip :)
I recommend a trip to Strasbourg where there is a lot to see - interesting architecture, historical stuff and wonderful choucroute garnie
In France from Calais into Belgium, Via Dunkerke you have Flanders region, here is Ostende, Brugge, Zeebrugge and many smaller villages.

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