Do you know if its okay to get around Costa Rica without knowing Spanish?


Country: Costa Rica


Hola (hello) Jessica
You can travel almost any where in Costa Rica today and get by on English.However it is more respectful if you try to speak a liitle Spanish when trying to comunicate with the Ticos(Costa Rican People).There are many phrase books out today that can give you help in this area.Study the Vowel sounds that is very important in the Spanish Language.Most top places that people travel to here in Costa Rica have Bilingual people on staff.There are many free web sites out there also to help you on your Spanish prior to your travel plans.Bueno(well) Thats that any other questions please ask.Localyte is here to help and so am I and all our locals that is called Pura (pure)Vida(life)
not many costarican speak fluid spanish but most of then understand it a little
and well it would be better if u get a some lessons of basic spanish
Hola once again Jessica
I received a message from Localyte in my e-mail box that you have another question for me.If you did I did not receive the other question just the same one from try again to send it to me through Localyte.
Pura vida Mark
No problem. You will find a lot of English speaking Ticos.
And if you need something and no one speaks the language they will find a way to help you out.
No problem, you will have people who speak English everywhere. It might not be the best English but it will get you around.
No problems there's a lot of people who spoke english everywhere.

Here is a link to explain you an ATV tours guided, really funny. It's the real way to see Costa Rica 2 hours from the airport and only 10 minutes from Jaco a nice city with good restaurants and night club.
dont worry Jessica....a lot of people visit our country without speak any spanish....however its always better if you learn a couple words just to show that you care...
you can travel all aruond the country whit out knowing spanish but if you are going by your self its better know a really basic spanish because many people doesnt speak english
sure, if you are going to be staying at hotels theres always multilingual staff. lots of costaricans know the language. i would bring a phrase book though, just in case
Of course you can! A nice smile opens just about any door! ;-) Knowing Spanish can save you some money here and there, but you can easily find your way around with English. Costa Rica is very friendly.
Hi Jessica: There are many English speaking persons in Costa Rica. However, it is well mannered and respectful to make an effort to speak some Spanish while you are here. I believe people will go out of their way to help you with communication when they see your efforts to speak their language. Costa Rica is a wonderful experience. Trying to speak some Spanish will make it more memorable. Modesta
If you only visit the famous touristy places in Costa Rica.. then there's no need to speak Spanish here!!
It is really not a problem you will still have a great time, now the mojority of the people in CR know a lil english or otherwise they will help you and we are very patient so im sure most ticos will try to undertand what you wanna say!
Hola Jessica!

Most tourist in Costa Rica don't speak spanish... english speaking people is all over the country, most in touristy areas, maybe not much in the capital (in the street) hotels and offices have english speaking personal. We are nice people and we like to help... be welcome to our country and don't forget to visit the Osa Peninsula ;)
Hallo Jessica,
You will come along without Spanish but everyone is happy if you try to speak a little bit.
There's no problem at all, most of the people that work in turisum in Costa Rica know some english and will be easy for you to get around, plus you get to practice some spanish along the wa. If you are planing to stay some night's in San Jose I'll let you know that I can provide acomadation on a fully equip house for $50 per night for 2 persons. the house is in the mountain of san ramon de tres rios 20min away from down town SJ and it has a nice view of the city.
there's no problem, many people here knows english and almost everything is translated into the english language...
Yes, mostly. About 20% of Costa Ricans speak 'fair to good' English. Although do not be surprised if you encounter difficulties outside typical tourism(hotels, airports, tourist resorts & hotspots, souvenir shops) sector scenarios such as public bus terminals, small shops, taxi drivers, supermarkets, post office, public banks and public government offices.

It is always a great idea to learn as much as you can about a destination you are going to visit, That includes learning some phrases and general vocabulary that could come in handy, no matter which country you intend to visit!

Hello Jessica
you can get around Costa Rica without knowing spanish. No problem, Costarican people will try to understand you.
when dealing with touristic ares, many have learned a bit of english, usually enough to accomodate your needs. my company is in jaco, on the pacific side, well known for its surfing and fishing. if your are interested, we can help set up your fun-filled vacation. we would need some suggestions of what u like to do or are interested in trying, when and with how many people, and we can come up with some figures foer you. thanx, howie
Hello, don´t worry if you don´t know spanish , most of the people here speaks english, but also you will see that when you spend time here in Costa Rica you will learn at least the basic, people here are nice im sure they will help you, just bring a dictionary just in case.
Good Luck
yes it is, I am German, live here since over 8 years and have many friends and family members visted us here without knowing any spanish. They mostly travled alone.

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