Hallo, thought of travelling Japan since long time ago, any summarise tour can be recommend with cheap cheap price (must include everything)

I'm prefer to have local experience, and with cheap price (if possible),


Country: Japan


Hi there Jenny,
I would be very happy to help you personally or recommend a tour for you if I cant help you myself. What kind of tour are you looking for? What places would you like to see and what places would you like to visit?
As soon as I have some more information from you, I will answer any questions you may have.

best regards,
If you come during warm weather, i recommend Japan's Pacific Coast east of Tokyo. Chiba prefecture is the cheapest region in Japan, includes Narita airport and Tokyo Disney, so it involves less travel expenses, which is one of the biggest costs in vacations to Japan. It is close enough to Tokyo to make day trips or an occasional all-nighter, without paying expensive Tokyo hotels. If you come in late spring or summer, there are also extensive uncrowded beaches. Chiba is the cheapest region of Japan, and if you contact me i can get you especially great deals on a place to stay. One of them includes chauffeur service.
I have tours in south Japan, and about the best price you will find anywhere. They are all-inclusive, and clearly stated itineraries.
See at or reply here.
It depends on which airport you are entering Japan, how long are you going to stay, how much is your budget and what are your interests? If you are coming through Tokyo, let me know and I can custom-design a tour for you (including translation services)! Cheers!

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